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  • dbraem09 dbraem09 Jul 23, 2012 8:32 PM Flag

    Unfortunate, but true

    That the only good recent posts on here were about taking craps at Kmart.

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    • Both Sears and Kmart seem to appreciate the great importance of disposing of these wretched abominations of the colon. I have dropped some wicked Lincoln logs at both Sears and Kmart and they never fail to disappear with a simple push of the silver handle.

      I truly appreciate SHLD for making quick work of my thoughtful gifts. Perhaps we should put SHLD in charge of handling nuclear waste.

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      • beetleruss Jul 25, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

        When I dropped logs in my toilet at home, I usually have to let them soak overnight so that the boogers can bend sufficiently to make it through the trap. That's pretty remarkable the toilets at Sears and Kmart are able to whisk them away with just one flush. Perhaps store management is trying to prevent a multiple pileup. That's where you go in and dump on top of something some one else couldn't or didn't flush. The only way to get rid of a pileup is to let the whole mess sit overnight so that it liquifies by morning and able to flush. Unfortunately, the whole restroom smells pretty funky in the morning.

    • I miss the good old days on the SHLD message board years ago when the Yahoo denizens argued amongst themselves whether SHLD was going to $300 a share or $500 a share by year end. Back then, some people went on breathlessly about the the value of SHLD's real estate, convinced that the real estate was worth untold billions and billions of dollars all of which somehow was hidden and unencumbered on the balance sheet. So whether people are talking about their latest visit to a Kmart restroom or the value of the SHLD's real estate, it's just another load of crap.

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