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  • boggy4062 boggy4062 Jan 15, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    I don't care if a rich guy buys it... if he never shops there, and knows nothing about it.

    One of the famous mutual manager Peter Lynch said, that before he invested in a store company, he would always visit individual stores to see how they are doing. He was right.
    Every time I go to Sears, it looks dreadful, almost dead. There is a reason that they lose money. I am in the middle a major appliance purchase,and boy... I regret the move. Ordering from a total messed up web site which would NOT allow me to purchase installation since it was supposed to be included, heavy reliance on outsourcing for customer service, delivery and installation, made me realize that This puppy is going nowhere but down. The management of Sears is probably totally ignorant about the fact that their employees do not give #$%$ about their customers, and the outsourced people even less (I was told today, "I am not being paid to do the extra phone calls!"). A total receipt for a true "success"...!
    Sorry, but as much as Home Depot grew a lot last few years, and lost some of its personal touch in customer service experience, last two days made me realized how much better their are, and why they are WAY better place to place your investment money, than Sears. Sears may be a quick in-and-out day trade, but investment it is not.... IMHO.

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    • beetleruss Feb 3, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

      I think the performance of both Sears and Kmart will deteriorate much too fast for Eddie Lampert (or anyone else) to fully realize any 'hidden' monetary value. I looked at Sears for a refrigerator several years ago. The prices were higher than other retailers, I was unable to find any Energy Star models (the energy costs much more in the long run than the refrigerator itself), and when I searched on line for 'Sears appliances', I found horror story after horror story about awful problem people had encountered with both Sears delivery and Sears service. I ended up purchasing just the Energy Star refrigerator I wanted at Home Depot, at a price better than Sears, and the refrigerator was delivered exactly when Home Depot said it would be. Delivery was at no extra charge and haul away was included.

    • this POS will be bankrupt in 12 to 18 months.Stores are dull looking,outdated.I find it hard to believe that anybody with brain cells would buy this stock.Lampert has no clue what he is doing.

    • if the only reason to own this stock was the retail value of the current Sear's operation, I would agree. But the reason to own it is the combined value of all of Sear's corporation's assets and that Eddie is suddenly making it very clear that he want to realize those values.

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