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  • brokerscredittroubles brokerscredittroubles Feb 2, 2013 9:39 AM Flag


    I will start with kmart stores. I think the human resources department must give the worst dressed and most ignorent and stupid people the job first. Nothing is worse then going to a kmrt with 15 cash registers and a line of 15 people with one or two items taking 30 minutes to check out an item that took less then 4 minutes to select. So better yet you go to the discursoity both only to find a ignornet customer service person asking if you’re returning something, when all you want to do is pay cash for an item in a store with 15 registeres and one cashier. the management of kmrt is ignorent and stupid also, they say complain they call you and say they are sorry and you next experience to the store is worst then the first. the worst of all is the ignorent stuid customer service rep is a person with a freaking noise ring and black nail polish. Are you freaking kidding me. then to top that the laddy behind me is a lday in a wheelchair looking to buy a washing machine who said that she has been look for someone to help her and nobody is there to help her. I remember a kamrt and sears store when i was a kid, 20 gentlemen in suits and ties, sitting around just waiting to sell a washer and dryer and would just about jump out on you to service you. Sears and kmart i would take every nickel out of the bank and short the #$%$ out of this stock. This firm is going to go bankrupt and the one factor that will do it is not the stores prices or products but its failure to address its #$%$ poor customer service. Try firing everyone and hiring some new people. and stop hirig the fat chicks with noise rings, its freaking disgustig!

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