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  • diconaxes diconaxes Feb 3, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Creative control


    It really isn't too difficult to recover. The money needs to go back into quality purchases for quality product. For instance, the Kenmore Brand should be a premier brand with a premium on its price. Buy a prestigious appliance manufacturer, put the best of quality into the appliances and market it that way. It will reduce the cost of goods sold and get the Kenmore name back to a superior brand. Why doesn't Kenmore make its own??????????? Really... why not????? Walmart beat the competition by volume bought with volume sales. Sears needs to buy every aspect of the process. Craftsman, Diehard... buy a manufacturer and don't scrimp. Why not a Die hard factory? a Craftsman factory? a Kenmore factory?????? Kenmore Elite factory? YOU get the idea.

    Control the process, control the quality, the customer will react to that.

    Sears also needs to be a big part of the commitment to the customers' satisfaction.

    And the online process is not refined enough. There are so many ways to get business going online it's ridiculous. Accuracy is paramount. I could go on and on with ideas. We'll see.

    Eddie needs to untie his hands and see the real potential.

    Good luck to Sears.

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