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  • tattlesnake tattlesnake Jun 28, 2013 1:26 AM Flag

    I was happy about the ruling

    cause now Eddie and Bruce can wed. Just to set the record straight. I will accept "civil union" but not "Marriage." Marriage is a union between man and woman to become one (i.e.child.) I can accept gays as being gay but not as being normal. Being Gay is Not Normal. So all you gays out there, accept it! Be what you are and that's OK with me (and I'm sure the majority of others out there.) But please stop trying to fool yourselves and pass yourself as normal. It's just not so!

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    • Man those are some mighty rich gay guys,.

    • just want to apologize to all you gays out there. I've known plenty of gay people (friends, believe it or not) and now cannot sleep as a result of posting these comments. For real (full disclosure) I have relatives who are gay. one of them passed away from aids. I am sorry and apologize to those I've offended. I can imagine what sheeet you gays have gone through. I've gone through plenty just being straight. These comments however, do not apply to Eddie and Bruce.

    • Eddie votes for Homophobic politicians just like the ones you support.

      I sincerely hope it is for a different stupid reason.

      The grey area between the sexes is as common in the animal and plant kingdom as it is in the human race.
      around 1% of the human race is born (and has always been born) with male AND female reproductive anatomy, never mind the huge percentage who have diverse feelings of attraction. While perhaps not "normal," it is far from abnormal to be transexual.

      Being attracted in some way to both sexes (aka-'gay') is much more common than either transsexuality or self-awareness.

      Your narrow second millennia view is being slowly weeded out of the garden of life by education, consciousness, and acceptance.

      You are the one with the option to accept that the small mental world you have built is unacceptable in this era. The rest of us will struggle to accept you.

      You probably hate the part of you that is as #$%$ as a San Francisco Pride Festival, just like you hate the company that you "work" for.

      How many hours have you spent on company time bashing the same company that pays you?

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