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  • billberggren billberggren Aug 30, 2013 12:46 AM Flag

    Who goes bankrupt first - JCP or SHLD

    That is the question. If JCP goes then I think Sears will rebound as they actually are a pretty good store.

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    • Sears has really good deals all the time and I like shopping there. Appliances, Tools, Garden Tools, Clothing is all priced good. People that say it is not a good place to shop must not have been into a Sears in a while. Just had my brakes and shocks done and not one other place came close to what I paid

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      • I remember Sears doing brakes on the service van, left shop drove 20 miles, pulled in customers driveway, look like van on fire will all the smoke, needless to say, the rear brakes were a little tight, sat there 3 hours waiting for them to cool off enough to be able to move the van.

        typical brake work with Sears,

        by the way, the pedal is NOT supposed to surge when you use the brakes.

        forgot to mention they had the van 2 days, , maybe that's what went wrong, on the 2nd day, I said I had to have the vehicle.

        all it needed was shoes and pads

      • ha. haha. hahahahaha.! Thanks, everyone on this board appreciates the good laugh! Make sure you collect your pay from eddie though. he ain't got the money he has 'cause he's honest. What's he paying you anyway? Bet it's not worth @xcp$%. What country you in? Ever go into a sear'str? Ever compare prices? I know how it is trying to meet ends, but i personnaly would not stoop to this. your right there with debt collectors and insurance #$%$! Hope you can get out of your situation and find a respectable job. I'm sure you'r a youngster who doesn't know any better and hopefully you will mature into a worthwhile human being and break free of having to be ruined by a-wholes. All IMHU. I wish you well.

    • Shorts?

    • Ok, I will bite. I say sears goes bellie up before JCP. Lammie is in way over his head on this thing, and he is simply in a major denial rite now. As soon as he figures out denial isn't a river in Egypt, all heck will break loose imo:)

    • if they merge, they could change the name to "3 BLIND MICE".
      it appears you have not shopped at Sears in a while.

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