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  • demoesse2000 demoesse2000 Jun 5, 2003 1:48 PM Flag


    You're not long anything and you're waiting for a pullback for gold.

    Must be a frustrating day !!!

    In my eyes you're just an amateur like most of the posters who never contribute anything useful. From time to time you guys make a correct prediction on something which gives some of you credibility for a short term.

    The fact is you never made a contribution that made sense and today we can see that you're not that genius you claim.

    Waiting for that pullback, eh ?????

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    • You, sir, are a complete moron. If you had ANY idea how much cash I have raked in these past 2 months, you'de be taking time off too :)

      I have posted my targets here MANY times of the various indices and HMY, specfically. I have made SIX FIGURES in the QQQ call options alone. You are nowhere NEAR my league, son.

      I will not post the exact amount I've made, because it is a moot point, really. You are a whining little jackass who can only HOPE to trade like me one day. I have been RIGHT ON in my predictions and everyone here knows it.

      People like you really do crack me up :)

      Can you say, "amateur"? I knew you could...

      NEWS FLASH!! Gold will be trading in a RANGE for the next 6 months at least as the right shoulder is built in the INV H&S. SO yes, gold will certainly pull back.. This is not "the" breakout. Relax....LOL.

      Watch and learn, sonny. Many people here already have done so :-)

      POOF! Another jackass on ignore ;-)

    • Forget that pullback....With the central bank of South Africa ready to cut rates...and the recent strength of soon as we break 14 we are going to 16 then 18....

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