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  • herbcompton herbcompton Mar 11, 2014 9:50 AM Flag

    Gold Bounce

    Goldman Sacks is dogging gold again, yet there is a bunch of support for gold from several other banks and investment companies. I vote up

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Futures seems to agree with you

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I don't know nor do I wish to prognosticate on Gold's short-term future. I do feel there are a number of elements "longer-term" that would push-Gold higher, specifically an $18-trillion dollar USA-deficit, rising interest rates, and consequent borrowing cost (unless we are stuck in a deflationary spiral) and a $4-trillion dollar Fed-Reserve Experiment, with MBS and Bonds that will need to be sold into the Market. But what if China quits buying our treasuries as strongly as they have been, and the velocity of money picks-up, and interest rates shoot-up? Goldman's prognostication for Gold is built upon a smooth integration of the Fed's unprecedented stimulus (Also, please remember, Central banks the world-over have heated-up the printing presses full-bore, as a means of shoring-up lack-luster economies, so the situation and it's effects are actually world-wide!) against a backdrop of a continued improving US-economy, all with tame inflationary pressures. That's a lot to predict...that steady-state future Goldman is advocating. So, no one really knows, and "we'll see', but I do know one thing: Goldman is one of the most corrupt, quasi- legal-criminal cartels in the world, along with some other nefarious big-financial institutions. Regardless of what Gold does or doesn't do, this proposition I know for a fact!

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