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  • stockfisher2025 stockfisher2025 Sep 30, 2008 1:07 PM Flag

    What a year Quarterly Update!

    As David Byrne says:

    “Same as it ever was”

    ESST, the company namthapussie claims he bought stock in @ $8.00 and doubled up @ $4.00 goes out of business.

    SIRI, the company namthapussie claims he bought stock in @ $7.00 completes its merger with XM Satellite, and the stock goes to $1.26 (a new low) that very day. Price today? About 60 PENNIES a share.

    UPL, namthapussie brags about his investment in UPL the very day it hits an all time high of over $102 (even thought Pinocchio claimed in Nov 07 he was “100% in cash“) only to watch his make believe investment crash over 50% in a matter of weeks.

    JBL, namthapussie claimed he bought at $9.50, only to get scared out of his speculative (and pretend) buy at $9.98, only to watch it double to $18.

    Namthapussie follows me all over the Internet to wait, and watch me post, then immediately plays Pinocchio and posts on the LOW board even though no one is there to reply.

    Namthadumbazz laughs at BHP after they earn 15 BILLION DOLLARS in just 3 months time. I suppose it is funny to namthaloser that a company can actually make money when he speculates in money losers like ESST and SIRI and his grand children's college money in SCMR.

    Namthadubazz laughs at my advice not to invest in China’s stock market as it drops about 60% YTD

    Smoke the Joke leave Gibbs a year early (just like I told you he would last year) That after namthaIcantpredictanything said Stewie had the class to do what he signed his name to do and finish his contract.

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    • Probably this board missed this ID***s post. Enjoy before it gets deleted.

      Are you just another alias of every other foolish pumper who's ever been on this board? I think you are.

      If you are not maN, then why are you getting upset. I think you are another alias of maN, no doubt about that..

      Did you sell at 30? No, you held. And now you have 20.

      Did you short at 30? No, you bash. Yes now you have 20.75, so what is your problem?

      Who's stupid? Look in the mirror, my little wooden friend.

      It's real stupidity to think that you are not stupid.

      Please try to stick to the truth. You know what happens when little boys like you lie. Their nose grows.

      Truth, I think you and your old truth should know the real meaning of truth. You know what happens when old maNs like you lie, their a** grows.

      Good try, keep deleting your messages so that nobody can post or refer to your stupid messages. As usual I won't be surprised to see another old poster to post some garbage as usual. Really PATHETIC

    • Joe Gibbs Racing, the star of NASCAR for 2008 gets “discovered” as to why their teams have been so hot the entire year. Talented drivers? No. Cheating? Yes. Yet another black eye for Toyotie and Joe Gibbs Cheating. What a bunch of misfits! Remember a few years back When NASCAR confiscated Phonys car? And now the Toyota’s are LAST place in the Chase. Just like I said.

      Stockfisher starts building a position in BAC at “Once in a Lifetime” prices. Warren Buffett also adds to his BAC position in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and now owns over 9 million shares. Great minds think alike!

      Stockfisher advises not to invest in China’s stock market. And those that listened avoided a 60% drop in 2008.

      Stockfisher stated 1/1/08 that the big banks would get bigger. BAC purchased Countrywide for pennies on the dollar and gets “The deal of a lifetime” buying Merrill Lynch, one of the most respected names on Wall Street. And just this week Citigroup purchases Wachovia assets for pennies on the dollar as well.

      namthadumbass, you didn't think I meant these companies were going to let BAC and C prance right in and buy them for pennies on the dollar, did you? Of course there was going to be major turmoil, that's how the big get bigger. Like I said.

      Protests start with the Olympic Torch, just as I predicted.

      Stockfisher posts he has been selling metals and commodities, just a month before they collapse.

      Volatility creates opportunity.

      stockfisher creates long term wealth buying low and selling high and posts what he does, when he does it.

      Namthaloser focuses on daily market fluctuations and posts emotional responses to them daily thinking every pick in a persons portfolio should be up every day. Poor boy, and I do mean POOR, never understood diversification.

      “Same as it ever was”

      I hope everyone took the 9/19 "gift" as an opportunity to sell at a profit and buy back at lower prices. This fun is not over yet. Not by a long shot. profit from it and enjoy the ride. I am.

      Happy Investing!


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