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  • stockfisher2025 stockfisher2025 Oct 14, 2009 3:01 PM Flag

    What a year Quarterly Update!

    Thanks. Looking back that certainly was a great call. But the best advice I remember giving on this board was "Throw in some CORE holdings of Balanced Funds" on Jan. 1st 2008. My favorite is VWINX which I have written about many times before. Lost just under 10% last year while the rest of the market tanked. I hate losing 10%, but it certainly was better that losing almost 40% in the S&P. Add the fact that it's up almost 7% COMPOUNDED (remember the rule of 72?)over the last 10 years vs the S&P500 flat and ....."I sleep VERY well each night". Just like I said.

    Happy Investing!


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    • your_intellectual_superior your_intellectual_superior Jan 16, 2010 10:08 AM Flag

      I still think “I hope everyone took the 9/19 "gift" as an opportunity to sell at a profit and buy back at lower prices. This fun is not over yet. Not by a long shot. profit from it and enjoy the ride. I am.” back in 2008 on the day TARP was announced was a great call. BAC and C closed at $37.48 and $20.65 that day! Did you get back in at lower prices? A successful investor knows when to sell as markets change. Not like that chick that lost everything with stock picks like ESST, ATN, SIRI, MGLH, AIG and bet her grand kids college money on SCMR (1:10 reverse split last month) at $25 because she was simply too hard headed to admit she was wrong or the market changed. Whatever happened to her? Is she still stalking you?

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