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  • popakeg popakeg Feb 12, 2009 11:15 AM Flag

    Lowe's stealing market share big in


    my town.I live in Lubbock Tx., one lowe's store and two Home depot. I have rent houses and in these stores every other day depending which one is closer to house I'm working on. Home Depot stores ruined their bussiness here with self check outs. One guy over 4 self checkouts and 5 people in the store. Lowe's parking lot full, actual cashiers and lines behind each one. I have lowe's shares and try to go to it to buy materials. Lubbock has a stable economy compared to other parts of the country, isolated between Dallas(350 miles east) and Albuquerque New Mexico. If cotton crop and prices good, area does fine. House prices did not run up huge here so haven't fallen much either.What do you see at stores in harder hit areas of the country?

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    • i'm south of atlanta. my area has 1 home depot store and 1 lowes store. the stores are about 1 mile apart. i visit both. both have self checkout. both have decent customer service. generally i see more cars and trucks at the home depot.

    • Thanks for the information. Bought window moldings at lowes today, doing well here. do lowes have self check outs in other parts of country? I have heard they do, it works I suppose if they have employee's to make it work.HD is skeleton crews here. Have to comment on mexican signs in stores, here I am the minority, it's just the way it is and everything is in both languages, also at grocrey stores. A lot of people cannot speak english. I do not like it but it will just get worse here.So all the haters let me have it! I am a republican and believe neither party is really worth the money they are paid and/steal! All I can do is try to make a comfortable life and try to get a head and work with the market and economy we have. You have no control over the idiots running the country and what they do or don't do. You have to trade this market and at some time will see a big rally then may get out? Was down 9800. today and with day end rally only down 1600. better go, whiskey kicking in! Bought epd good while ago for div. and bought COP twice today@ 45 and it kept going back to 46.33 resistance. Good luck and trading to all. Thanks for the replies.

    • michael845760 Feb 12, 2009 5:51 PM Flag

      Hi, I'm Mike, and I am an employee at a Lowe's in southwestern Michigan. Lowe's seem to be more popular up north here, I've heard that Home Depot is favored down south where they got their start. I've scouted the local Home Depot from time to time here, but not too much seems to be going on there. On 3 occasions, all in the evening, there seems to be hardly anyone in the store except employees (which weren't plentiful). This Home Depot is also less than a mile from one of our Districts busiest Lowe's stores. Everyone at this next-door Lowe's was talking how they were fearful that Lowe's business here was going to drop once this new Home Depot (6 yrs ago) opened. Trust was, when this Home Depot opened, there was hardly a drop in sales at all, the Lowe's continued very strong sales!

    • I LOVE Lows and was there today, it was relatively busy for a mid day. Im in there at least twice a week! My daughter just bought a house and is in there almost EVERY day, does not even consider HD. They have a better quality and assortment of merchandise. Live in south NJ.

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