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  • gguybbycc gguybbycc Apr 7, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    They must think customers are idiots

    Lowes has a Whirlpool Cabrio washer/dryer in todays ad for $799/$799 minus 15% or $679/$679. Sears has the same pair for $549/$549 minus 10% or $$494/$494 - a $360 difference. Give me a break!

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    • Good answer. Makes me happy I own shares of LOW.

    • Yes, since it is and always has been our policy. Oh, and by the way, Lowes offered the WTW7600 and WED7800 pair at $1198 with free delivery, free set=up and free haulaway. That is the model I was refering to, an obviously better model with larger capacity and steam. In addition, if you are active duty or retired military you get an additional 10% off EVERY DAY, even on sale merchandise. Oh, and while you are at it, check out the prices on the needed accessories for hook-up, factor them into the price at Sears vs. Lowes. Also, our extended protection programs cover your purchase for 4 extra years, not three like SEARS, and are across the board less expensive per plan, should you choose to take advantage of them. We also offer next day delivery on in strock product, right out of our store, Sears doesn't stock most of their merchandise. Granted, we sold out quickly on the 7800's, but the first 10 people were enjoying their washers the next day, not 3 days to a week later. So, go ahead and brag about Sears' "BARGINS", but if you REALLY had done your homework, I could have saved you some money. Happy Shopping!

    • strange - I do not see it in any of your ads over the last two months, nor do I see where is was priced online at or anywhere near that price. So you'll price match the 7340 at $549 today? Plus 10% more?

    • Alright, already. Response is not needed - we ran the pair 4 WEEKS AGO at $1198.00. Sold out in the first two hours and it took almost 3 weeks to fill outstanding customer orders. Sears is only a few weeks late in responding to us. HH Gregg only took a few days to respond, Best Buy did it a week later. So, enough already. Lowes doesn't need to repeat what was done over a month ago. Besides, we'll price match on it anyway, so WHO CARES?!!!

    • Looks like Sears ran the Whirlpool 5.0cf Cabrio again today at $549. Still wating for Lowes to respond.

    • And Sears does it again, the 5.0cf Whirlpool Cabrio Washer at $549 in todays paper (plus another 5% off if you use your Sears credit card). Lowest price on a Whirlpool 5.0cf Cabrio at Lowes looks like $719.

    • Its not the same unit....You get what you pay for...Sears has model 7320 Sears exclusive. Lowes has model 7340. Not apples for apples. Go bash elsewhere. If you put something in writing you should know what you are talking about.

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