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  • mike74356 mike74356 Aug 24, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

    Rude ignorant employees

    Very negative experience in a Lowes store in NJ Employees did not know where electrical switch plates were located and register employee was rude. Lost my business

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    • They should have told you they are on the wall!

    • Nice fallacy of composition there.

    • Mike, the 2 replies before mine are concrete proof that people associated with Lowe's are rude, ill-mannered, and perhaps the worst customer service associates in retail. They just don't get that the customer isn't an interruption of their day................................he is the REASON for their day. I'm sure you'll have better luck at HD, or perhaps even an independently owned ACE or Tru Valu. There are still some retailers who know what customer service is...........................obviously ZER0T01 and WARPROFITS do not!

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      • Corporate directives are above and beyond the available manpower that is held accountable for their execution. So guess what, customer service is negatively affected. Don't fully blame the employees. What happens is this - Does the Lowes employee dedicate 20 minutes helping people in lightbulbs/fasteners etc. or work on completing a to-do list handed down from their AM's that was handed to them by the SM? ? Remember, no OT is allowed and a bad DM visit can cost someone their job. There is no customer service at Lowe's - it's a weak marketing gimmick without follow-up.
        Lowes employees are programmed to say "Hello, Sir - Hello, Ma'am" as they race off in another direction outside of the department they are responsible for. It's a wing-it, smoke-screen, put out fires as they arise, we're- here- to- help- you BS environment and frustrating to a whole lot of people.
        My recommendation: Go on-line and research item on Lowes site, with inventory qty's for the store you will be visiting. Print page and take with you.

      • A Lowe's clerk couldn't tell Mike where the electrical switch plates were and was criticized--costing Lowe's a $1 sale. So I told Mike exactly how to find them, and got criticized for that--probably costing Lowe's another $1 sale. Some customers are just really hard to please.

    • I'm sorry. Lost your business? Two switch plates............$. 050 /per x's two. $1.00 in lost sales. Next time go to HD for your switch plates. Ask them for five inch screws to hold everything together.

    • Electrical switch plates are in the aisle with the huge sign reading "ELECTRICAL" hanging overhead. (What language do you speak in NJ?)

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      • I'm sure you think the "What language do you speak in NJ" was cute, but it's sarcastic and unfunny. A $1 customer may be a repeat customer who's spent thousands in your store or they may be the customer who's going to do a complete kitchen remodel at some point in their lives and spend 20-30k. What a shame to lose a chance at that job because an employee opted to be a smarta**.

        Sorry, War your history on this board shows me you know NOTHING about customer service and I hope you don't deal with the public much in the real world. If you had worked for me with your attitude I promise you I would have promoted you in short customer.

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