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  • quantify33 quantify33 May 18, 2000 8:02 AM Flag

    State COllege Pa Disaster

    I visited the lawn and garden section in the store the plants flowers and shrub section IS A COMPLETE DISASTER, DO SOMETHNG!!! the department is a huge blemish on LOWES fine reputation

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    • No one will argue that there is work to do at
      Eagle. The stores will get better and in the end the
      customer and Eagle employees will greatly benefit. Eagle
      would have been severely limited in its attempts to
      compete against HD and Lowe's as a regional player.
      Combined with Lowe's it will perservere, as well as its
      employees. As far as you statment on "cutting labor so
      thin". You have zero facts. In reality, the labor
      devoted to Eagle stores, and specifically in the
      Washington area continues to outpace other comparable Lowe's
      stores around the country. And before you jump on the HD
      bandwagon, Lowe's stores, on average, have more customer
      associates available to help customers. Keep going back. The
      stores will get better, period.

    • It would appear that you would be better served
      by making fewer visits to HD and engage in more
      conversation with your Eagle/Lowes employees. The people I
      talk to from assistant managers to casiers are fed up
      with your attempts at integration. You people blew it!
      To believe otherwise is kin to burying your head in
      the sand. You took a good regional hardware chain
      with a solid customer following to its knees. The only
      one to benefit was HD. Their share of market in the
      Seattle area has increased to over 20%. Last year at this
      time it was 13%. I would say 50 people to a line is a
      stretch, but the fact remains Lowes labor has been cut so
      thin that customer service has been sacrificed. I was
      in an Eagle store this morning and I will be back in
      two weeks and expect to see the many improvements
      that you have indicated. Until then I won't be holding
      my breath.

    • I slipped into the gutter for a second and will try to refrain from generic over the top statements. Choice is the key to our countries way of doing things and both companies will thrive and prosper.

    • While I admit remerchandising stores is causing a
      number of headaches, there are some parts of your story
      that are hard to believe. Store policies require
      opening additional register lanes whenever 3 or more
      people are in line. In addition, 50 people in line at
      the same time is unheard of in any Lowe's or HD
      except in the case of natural disasters (hurricanes,
      etc.). The missing products and dirty/blocked aisles are
      symptoms of the remerchandising effort and will get much
      better over the next couple of weeks. You are right. The
      remerchandising effort will result in the need for Lowe's to
      reconnect with the Eagle customers. This will happen. I
      have visited many of the HD stores in the area (would
      probably dispute the "brighter, shinier" comments you
      made). Once the conversion is complete, trust me, there
      will many reasons to shop Lowe's. If you own the stock
      now, hold on to it. This situation will get better
      very quickly.

    • Thomas McManus, Equity Portfolio Strategist at
      Banc of America Securities, spoke on CNBC this evening
      about his stock
      Likes LOW as one of his picks

    • It has been argued that LOWE's has helped HD
      improve its stores. While it is likely that that is true,
      the Home Depot stores in the Northwest have had years
      to react and compete with the brighter and shinier
      Eagle stores, and have risen to a level near (+/-) that
      of the Eagle stores.

      The ongoing conversion
      has led to lower customer service levels, dirtier,
      less-organized stores, and longer waits at the checkout

      My son was at the Issaquah, WA store on his lunch
      hour (from Costco headquarters) last week and reported
      giving up when he counted 50 people in line ahead of him
      at the four(!!) open checkstands!

      He was
      surprised by how often he is finding empty shelves (unheard
      of at the old Eagle), products that are missing when
      he goes back for more, and dirty, blocked

      He has always been loyal to Eagle, but went to Home
      Depot's Bellevue store for decking material after finding
      the Bellevue Eagle's lumber department filled with
      pallet after pallet of freight.

      He talked me into
      buying Eagle stock, now converted to LOW, but I'm not
      sure whether to hold on or get out. I am afraid that
      in the Northwest at least LOW is going to blamed for
      destroying Eagle and it will take many years (or bad
      experiences elsewhere) to recover anything close to the
      customer base that Eagle enjoyed.

    • lowes is on pace to do 18billion this year which
      really is not all that shabby. But Home Depot on the
      other hand is on pace to reach 50 billion this year.
      since lowes is a carbon copy of home depot by choice i
      look for them to open design centers and hardware
      stores in the future. maybe they will paint their stores
      orange to!! people would mistake Low for HD and comps
      would be 20% instead of 4%. My question is this: If low
      is targeting HD stores in metro areas and building
      in HD's back yard why are HD comps nearly double
      Lowes comps? LOSERS

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