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  • diogenes1234 diogenes1234 May 21, 2000 4:09 PM Flag

    State COllege Pa Disaster

    Anyone: Would greatly value hearing how Lowe's'
    western states program is going. In general? Phoenix?
    California? How and where are new stores under development?
    What has been Lowe's' experience in integrating Eagle?

    All comment/information much appreciated and thank

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    • Lowes western expansion will cost them millions-at least initially. There are MAJOR problems. Customers that used to shop Eagle HATE Lowes. Just ask them.

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      • Talked to a number of customers on a recent
        western visit. Many of the ones I spoke with say "Can't
        wait until we have a Lowe's near us". "We want to have
        a choice". By the way, remember all of the "MAJOR"
        problems Depot had with Aikenhead (sp?) when they acquired
        them? No? Nearly 100% store manager turnover sound
        familar? Guess what, Depot is still in business and
        growing. Hdis, get a life. The Seattle market is not
        indicative of all Lowe's markets. The tide will turn quickly
        once full distibution and store resets are in place.
        Get you resume ready. Of course send it to HBI. We
        don't need short-sighted thinkers at Lowe's.

      • There you go again not seeing past your parking
        lot and listening to and spreading garbage. Its funny
        how you don't see Lowes guys slamming HD for how we
        are kicking the crap out of orange fields all over
        the country that are trying to grow next to the
        better blue box. Give me an example of MAJOR problems...
        I can tell you for a fact the numbers are not bad
        and will be fantastic soon. Get ready for a
        distribution center and about 150 new Lowes stores in your
        neck of the woods soon. Its gonna be great, choice is
        a good thing and our numbers are only getting
        better. By the way, thank goodness for you the rest of
        the orange crew is a little sharper than you as they
        are making changes that Lowes already does to compete
        with big blue. By the way, in the past two quarters
        which company has beaten expectations by more??

    • Lowes western expansion is similar to a military
      operation. Get the infrastructure in place then expand your
      boundries. All is moving forward as expected, some minor
      suprises, with most activities moving ahead of schedule.
      There will be around 20 Lowes stores in and around
      Phoenix in the next few years and California will be
      saturated to include a state of the art distribution center
      of over a million sq. feet. To give an example,
      about 6 years ago there were no big box stores in Texas
      and no stores in metro market areas. Today there are
      over 50 stores, major distribution center and
      supporting offices in Texas. Lowes has stores in over half
      the largest 25 metro market areas. Of the 91 new
      stores opened in 1999, 38 were in markets with 500,000
      people or better. Next year 60 percent of the planned 95
      store openings will be in metro markets. The following
      year 75 percent of the scheduled 125 new stores will
      be in metro markets. So, much of the focus will be
      in areas with big dollar potential, a major change
      in focus compared to previous stratagy. This means
      great potential for investors. The upside is great,
      with a good management team who in the past have been
      flexable and new idea oriented. The Eagle intregration has
      been an overall succuss, but has had challanges along
      the way. Change is difficult, but rewarding once
      improvements are intregated into the system. The stores are
      becomming more efficient and cost effective and the
      excellent customer service reputation Eagle has had in the
      past will only try to get better. Time will tell, not
      a week, month or year. In ten years former Eagle
      employees that stay the course will be thankful as they
      build better lives for their families, and leave ecomic
      stress behind.

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      • mtech: Thank you! Interesting

        There is something missing in my understanding of
        Lowe's Western program. In and around Phoenix, for
        example, the market is already amply served by #1 Home
        Depot and #2 HomeBase.
        Although population is
        growing, I have worked the demographics and don't see how
        it can support another twenty Lowe's stores,
        particularly since Home Depot is also expanding rapidly and is
        not one to back away from a fight. Or am I
        overlooking something?

        Similarly in California, HD and
        HBI already have tremendous coverage and HD is
        expanding aggressively. Again, a growing and lucrative
        market but will it be profitable for the three
        competitors? How many LOW stores will it take to justify that
        million square foot distribution

        Overexpansion is an industry-wide concern, but don't let me
        mislead you, I own HomeBase and am primarily trying to
        get a handle on its future.

        Again, thanks for
        your inputs.

    • Last month the first two stores opened in Arizona
      ~ one in Chandler and one in Scottsdale. Two more
      to open this year with 16 more to open within four
      years. Visited the Scottsdale store and interviewed some
      of the employees ~ they said that they blew the
      cover off the first month's budgeted sales. HD monopoly
      in AZ is over. AZ has so many people transplanted
      from all over the US that name recognition for Lowes
      is easier to obtain in AZ market vs other new

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