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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 12, 2011 1:42 AM Flag

    Holley Group and ZAp Hangzhou kicking in motion..

    Why does everything take foreve with these guys.

    I had hear about the Chinese joint venture for over two years.

    If they really wanted to sell cars they would be doing it by now.

    I still have to hear about one car actually sold but ALL we hear about is all the dealerships and how they are going to have a complete disctrict blanketed with their extensive networks of car dealerships.

    Blahh Blaaah Blahhh.

    This crook Schneider is worthless when it comes to delivering a product.

    The Chinese can't do anything with-out copying it.

    Schneider can't make a helium baloon float nevermind electric cars run.

    Think about it how long have you been hearing about this joint venture and how its going to work out well.

    Have they sold anything? No.

    Do they have vehicles in show rooms? No.

    Has any one in Santa Rosa every seen a ZAP EV? No

    The Alias has been taking orders/reservations on ZAP website for over a year now. Has anyone actually taken delivery of the Alias? No

    Great B.S. story; ranks amongst the best of them such as IMGG, CDCS and a several hundered other Chinese compnaies.

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