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  • jforuus jforuus May 13, 2012 1:28 AM Flag

    Futuristic electric vehicle to be built in Santa Rosa

    Yes the ALIAS has been taking reservations for 3 years now?

    No one has actually received delivery, correct?

    Priscilla and Steve should be whipped and salted ritually.

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    • <Yes the ALIAS has been taking reservations for 3 years now>

      Quite a few of us have had reservations about the Alias for the past 3 years ;)

    • OT:Ever heard of Zenn Motors and now focused on EVs and tech in Eastern Canada. Zenn has been a real stinker for retail investors that held long-range.

    • Anyone can easily make wrong decision in business enterprise.
      However; if one continually appears to repeat mistakes over a number of years . . . that is suspicious. Paticularly in the .pk venue.

      Aptera gave back owners deposits, and will use that list of down-payers as potential new customers for Aptera USA.
      ZAAP Alias looks rather stuck in the mud of financing?

      Not looking too good here.
      Will ZAAP have 3-wheel cars in 2012-2013?
      Mmgt. sure has not given us investors a definitive path across that financing mud.

      USA and other nations are rapidly developing thin film flexidble solarcells (and even ones that print on paper). I Doubt ZAAP has funding to R&D those on its plastic body.
      Would it not be nice if Silcon Valley $$s stepped in to make such possible on EVs? Oil and auto companies would hardly see that as useful additional to EV equation. Here is something else: EVs actually use less electricity to make and use than pumping grid EMF to factories that make ICE cars and refine petroleum products . . . and thats not even including costs of transporting petro products to user. EVs use less parts to service and have on board compared to ICE car. Telsa battery scheme may cut EV battery costs down, as they use Li-ion batts similar in size and capacity to laptop and small drill tool battery sizes that have cost efficiencies due to mass production runs and computer switching SW system to cool them repeatedly. Add in UCs (Ultra Capicators) and ICE starts to cost 'melt'. EV customers might dig vehicles that use sunlight to extend range and recharge when parked.

      Best potential for EV sales and use is in southern western USA. ZAAP has shown a huge ability to fumble repeatedly in even this make-for-EV time frame and market they started in. Not much of way to frost that cake?

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