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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 4, 2012 10:12 AM Flag


    My fellow DUMB F RETAIL.

    If you insist on investing in ZAAP,

    Please ask these questons:

    1. Has anyone recieved an "ALIAS" vehicle?
    2. How long have they been selling reservations on the ALIAS? 4 YEARS is what I have in my book.
    3. Are the Chinese companies trustworthy? WALL ST. cheats and LIBOR scandal and now CHINESE CHEATS? really?
    4. The SEC is going to protect you from this SCAM? Good luck on that?
    5. You can keep playing the shell game with CEO who merit no respect or trust from their investors?

    Stop with craziness to turn $0.01 into $5. This is how you empower them with your inablity to think and learn.

    Let the sCWQ#$#umbag houses trade ZAAP up to the sky by themselves.

    This is a BIG #$%$ U to ZAAP, its managment team and its sponsors.

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    • they are still taking orders for the "ALIAS"! ahahahhah!! Its been 12 years now that I have been counting.

      ZAP should be happy this isn't the wild wild west anymore else many a men would have visited them already while they sleep looking for their money......

      Your foolish to invest your money here, they seem to be a scam.

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      • I will say this over and over again.........Zhejiang Fredie (UFO) Automobile Co., Ltd is the PRC licensed and approved automobile manufacturer of the A-380. ZAP purchased 51% of Zhejiang Jonway Automobile which is a subsidiary of Jonway Group. Jonway Group has an agreement with Zhejiang Fredie (UFO) to manufacturer and distribute the gas and EV A-380.
        The ZAP Alias is NOT an approved, licensed by the PRC vehicle and will never be produced and distributed by ZAP Jonway until they receive approval from the PRC.

        ZAP did NOT purchase 51% of Zhejiang Fredie Automobile Co. and ZAP Jonway is NOT licensed to manufacture or distribute the ZAP Alias . ZAP does NOT even have exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the gasoline A-380. Read the contract.

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