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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 15, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    The Chinese and Zaap Jonway are crooks in my opinoion

    Try to order an Alia lately? I did for the past 4 years...

    They never deliver its always taking reseravations.


    the great collusion of ZAAP and the brokers.

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    • blessed166 Mar 22, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

      Hummmm you say CROOKS, LIERS, and CHEATS??
      Jforuus Re: Try to order an Alia lately? I did for the past 4 years

      Are you saying they haven`t excepted your money for the past 4years?. if they did except money then i am sure you receive a receipt and would have no problem posting the order number.. was it a 3 digit or 4 digit number beginning with the letter E or A? and what was the date your order was placed??

      Lolita Re: I'm still waiting for my ZAP-X to be delivered!

      Yea Right Lolita...hahahah and pigs can fly..
      there goes your credibility ..
      BTW . L-O-L-I-T-A you can switch your name back from wtfdidudowithmynam any time because your not fooling anybody .. lol

      i have done my research and i know who the real CROOKS, LIERS, and CHEATS are :-)

    • THY MUST EMPLOY blessed to post here.. wonder did she get FiRED from her day job.. MAYBE WE SHOULD CALL AND LET THEM KNOW SHE IS POSTING ALL THESE TIMES SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING.. tell them we have the posts, the days and the hours.. SOUNDS LIKE A VERY GOOD idea IF i say so myself.. WOULDN'T THEY LIKE TO KNOW THEIR SECY LEADS A DOUBLE LIFE POSTING ON THE internet and getting paid by the STATE govt.. hmmm... whose up to break the news.. lol maybe we can pull a AJC part II..

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    • WOW, You sure are heavy hitter !..Thanks for reminding all of us in USA, we're all Angels.

    • They have been taking ORDERS FOR AN ALIAS FOR 6 YEARS!! the colluding penny stock brokers are here in full PUMP!! be careful they are in the buisness of playing "the game" aka stealing your money.

      F them.

    • I'm still waiting for my ZAP-X to be delivered!

    • blessed166 Feb 16, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

      You Say:: CROOKS, LIERS, and CHEATS??

      Take a look at Chrysler EV .. lmao!!

    • sure you don't mean the 'ALIAS' ... guess they have been living off the interest of peoples money...REMEMBER when they ran that 'bogus ad' of all these bollywood types that supposedly had put down money on the car and how it would be delivered in 2 years... lol Wonder how many of them were able to get their money back.
      Bet you most of them have a TESLA, VOLT or FISKAR by now..NOBODY WAITING FOR ZAP TECHNOLOGY especially when they can't even fix customers after a 3 year brake recall notification.
      Customers have LEFT this pos.. in droves..

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