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  • blackdcs Mar 7, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

    New Focus for ZAP Jonway?

    In reviewing Zap's website there seems to be a change in focus going on. They are paying more attention to their line of electric motor bikes and scooters. When you look at the web pages for these Zap EV's you see:

    The Zappy 3's are still back ordered a very positive sign to me and now selling for $899.00 instead of $799.00 an increase of $100.00 if I remember the old price correctly.

    The Zapino page says, "Get ready for a new, expanded line of stylish, economical Zapino electric scooters, mopeds and motorcycle-class vehicles." That's different from what I remember, also.

    The Powerbike page of the website has changed too. In a previous post I estimated that they would sell for around $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 since then they posted a price of $999.00 that makes them even more affordable for the Southeast Asian market than I thought and now they have increased the price to $1,495.00 and have changed the reservation method to one that makes you a call first to make a reservation instead of doing it on line, both positive signs in my opinion.

    Once again, I like the way this company thinks. They look for nitch markets like selling EV's to Colleges, Government agencies, etc. situations where an EV fits better than a gas vehicle. (Unlike Tesla which thinks there should be a chicken in every pot and a Model S in every garage. Like that's going to happen. I've found enough negative things on them to write a post bigger than this one.) Zap realizes that the EV market is different. They have the capacity to build cars but are being realistic and looking at starting with electric motor bikes and scooters instead. I know of another company that started as a motorcycle company and then took a big motorcycle engine and put it in a small car called the CIVIC and the rest is history.

    Personally, I have aquired what I consider to be a substantial holding in ZAAP and plan to hold on to it until something changes. I still recommend buying and holding ZAAP.

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    • blessed166 Mar 10, 2013 5:21 AM Flag

      Blackdcs:: . i agree 100%.. the Zappy 3wheel power bike s and Scooters are catching on fast showing good numbers:-)
      i would like to see ZAP Focus on flooding the market manufacturer of electric fishing/trolling motors

    • Entire company is untrustworthy.

      The site also has been taking orders for the ALIAS for 5 years now! not kidding..

      Wall St. is crooked, the SEC can't regulate them all and now combine the untrustworthy of the Chinese accounting not more or less then the pos wall st. maggots one has a sure recepie for them to steal your money.

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      • blessed166 Mar 12, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

        wow 5 years of back orders = pre sold orders waiting... Jonway just spent 17million to insure the ALIAS and 5-star meat all requirements to enter production.... sure it is late.. these things take time... the A-380 SUV Took over a year to meat PRC Approval... the Alias is next in line... all i can say is.. invest now on the release of the A-380 and expect good news on the Alias and 5-star very very soon.... .
        BTW i think before you say any more about ZAP i think you should check out [[ Daimler AG Differed Prosecution ]].. i think you need to check out Daimler AG history.. The same Daimler AG that refused to sell Zap there stupid smart car then worked the media giving zap a bad name... ohhh yea the same Daimler AG that tried to put zap out of business with an ugly ugly stupid looking 20mph EV famous for bursting into flames ... then You can get back to us with your near sighted ignorant BS

        Daimler AG and Three Subsidiaries Resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Investigation and Agree to Pay $93.6 Million in Criminal Penalties
        Combined Criminal and Civil Penalties of $185 Million to be Paid

        i think you should also check out the battery testing daimler as been doing with BYD.. Then you can check out the family that is suing BYD

        i AM Sorry Dude: but i have done my D&D and i am getting a little tired of this BS that has been going on

    • you're either a liar or dumb as dirt

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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