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  • skiv2010 skiv2010 Jun 25, 2008 2:48 PM Flag

    Trading Bottom Reversals - BPHX is Nearing a Bottom

    Two Consecutive Gaps Down developed in the most recent decreasing trend, which began during the 18th of the current month, suggesting that the majority of bearish pressure has dissipated.

    Further, the Stochastic is very near complete stabilization while the %B is prepared to pass the 0 Critical level, which would suggest Bulls are very near to regaining control.

    We'll provide the most probable conditions below.

    If the price closes at $5.25 or above, then one may expect a reversal to occur tomorrow, from our perspective. The reversal would be confirmed by a possible Gap-Up and/or early morning Bullish volume.

    However, if the price close below the $5.20 level, then a slightly further decrease may be expected to occur. A possible Gap Down tomorrow during such a situation would imply a further decrease, hence one should avoid a purchase and wait until near the end of the session.

    We're also aware that many people are following us across Yahoo Message Boards in order to either use the information for free or vent their aggressive emotions irrationally and/or attempt to provide themselves elusive evidence that they are "Good Samaritans." Hello to all of you. :)

    Please understand that every situation is dynamic, constantly changes, and requires adaptation. We are unwilling to provide updates on Yahoo Message Boards. For those that are interested in learning about and studying "Gap-Down" patterns and/or updates, then consider visiting us using the link below: m

    The information provided by BottomTraders and its staff is intended only for educational purposes in order to help novices in the market acquaint with "day-trading" bottom reversals. Information provided is not intended to be accepted as investment advice, solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, an endorsement, or sponsorship of any company or security, rather merely the opinions of the authors of BottomTraders. The technical analysis provided on the website is based solely on our understanding of technical analysis and opinions, and is written in good faith so that it may be used for study. Any person that uses this information agrees to not hold liable BottomTraders and any person responsible for the production of the web site and transmittance of the information for use and/or misuse of information which result in any damages, not excluding psychological and unrelated and including financial losses for the self and/or others.

    Day-Trading is dangerous, so if you do decide to use the information for trading purposes, then trade with money you can afford to lose with the knowledge that loss is a realistic possibility; trade at your own risk.

    Full Disclaimer may be read at the web site.

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