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  • badboy91998 badboy91998 Oct 13, 1998 8:58 AM Flag

    Forgot to add something

    I own CRYSF, bought at $21 and am still holding.
    I also own CHKPF, Checkpoint Software. They are
    also an Israeli company and the number one maker of
    firewall and security systems for pc's and internets etc
    in the world. I see the same kind of posts on that
    board as this, namely the lack of any news releases. I
    dont know, maybe its just an Israeli thing. From what
    I understand, these guys pick up alot of the
    knowledge from doing time in the army, then get out and
    start up these companies. Maybe they are just use to
    being secretive, but i agree. A little good PR once in
    awhile sure wouldnt hurt.

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    • What I can tell you about the israelies, is that
      they were educated for surviving. After all, Israelies
      are Jewish. When
      it comes to using their brain --
      israelies do it in the most unusual, and creative way.
      Software writing is an excellent field to put creativity
      to work. That's why there are so many software
      programmers and software houses in this country (and
      apparently, all of them are doing money). I truely believe
      that "Crystal" beats other Y2K companies because the
      ingenuity it delivers, and this is unlikely going to stop
      in this project not only because success wants to
      replicate itself, but because the restless israeli mind of
      Crystal's people will allways come up with something

      Now to what I think is the reason CRYSF (and other
      Y2K companies) are having hard time: Y2K bug is,
      let's face it,
      a pain in the ass. It's only human
      nature to deal with such annoing stuff in the "leave me
      alone" way. Unless the world perceives the disasterous
      effects of Y2K bug -- nobody think seriously about
      getting prepared for it. But luckily, we will
      saved, thanks to the big mess which Europe is going to
      go through with the Euro currency. This mess will do
      good to CRYSF, ofcourse, but it will give the world a
      clue about the meaning
      of the next major event --
      Y2K mess.

      So, don't worry guys. The big
      panics is around the corner. And when I say "panics" I
      mean it! So if anybody have never seen how an unknown
      stock is making a ten-time fold in a matter of weeks --
      watch CRYSF.