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  • p1sorell p1sorell Jan 20, 2005 12:28 PM Flag

    Quote of the Day

    As a retired Officer of a major brokerage firm, I assure you I am not crazy as you contend. Having positioned a number of stocks which appreciated well in excess of 1000%, I include MYGN in the company of ALZA at $2 a share, AMGN back in 1988 at $40 a share, Haloid Xerox in 1969 at $28 a share, SYNTEX at $20 a share, etc.

    With that note, I leave this board. Good Luck !

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    • >AMGN back in 1988 at $40 a share<

      Have been a lot of splits in AMGN since then. I only keep track of it on a split adjusted basis, and on that basis, I bot AMGN in Aug 1993 at a (split-adjusted) price of $4.60 /share. I still hold (some) of it, for a return to date of about 1,280%.

    • Correction: Bought Haloid XEROX in 1959 - not 1969.

    • Ah, don't leave! Someone stuck a bat, with splinters, up Bob's ass about 30 years ago. Just ignore it.

    • First, being a retired officer of a brokerage firm doesn't qualify you as either a stock picker or an equities analyst. In fact I wouldn't pay ten cents for ANY analysts recommendations....or don't you remember what happened between 2000 thru late 2002?

      Second, The analysis I provided about Amgen's best (3) years speaks for itself, while your ridiculous projections are based upon nothing but unsubstantiated garbage. You don't have a clue where this company or the market will be 3 years from now. You know nothing about MYGN's future product developments or future earnings.

      Your 250 number is delusional and the closest I could come to proving just how delusional it is, was to compare it to the most successful biotech in history. Bottom line my friend is that you're either a nutcase or a fraud, either way I'll leave you alone because clearly you haven't a clue!!

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