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  • p1sorell p1sorell Feb 9, 2006 7:14 AM Flag


    JMP from overweight to buy.

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    • Make that read STRONG BUY. Target 29.

    • >>.......stop complaining !<<

      you truly are a natural comedian, even if unintentional-

      i realize you're a greenhorn and know very little about this company

      but your current stance approaches hilarity considering a) your so-called TA posts have less accuracy than a coin toss and b) you run hot and cold here, and hand down buy and sell recs as if under a semi-crazed manic episode

      every seasoned long knows that shareholder value has suffered in recent years because the strategic approach taken and pursued is not favored by the funds who move this stock

      if you would like to learn something about this subject, an excellent place to begin is by reading the SI board, paying particular attention to Mr. Harmon's posts-

      maybe read it backward for a year or two to at least have an inkling here

    • >>begin is by reading the SI board, paying particular attention to Mr. Harmon's posts-<<

      correction- It's Dr. Harmon

    • Now, now children you're supposed to play nice. Just when I think you're all getting along so well a little meaningless upgrade has you squabbling. Although admittedly, anyone who can sit here week after week and read p1sorry's posts deserves a medal.

      No-one cares what I say, but I'll do it again just to make myself feel like at least someone has a grasp on this situation, at least from a TA perspective. Funny, but even p1sorry managed to stumble over the reality that this stock has gone no-where from the 25's. For well over a year, I've told you poor believers and hopers that this stock has been AND continues to be R.A.N.G.E. B.O.U.N.D.

      Unless or until MYGN can close convincingly above 26 (and stay there) this stock has been and continues to be dead money. As Moosedogger correctly points out, this recent upgrade is essentially meaningless unless you're a trader. The old timers will continue to hold on in the hope that something worthwhile eventually will come out of this issue. Naturally I believe that there are many other issues more rewarding between now and whenever "then" is (assuming there ever is).

      I now return you all to whatever it is you all do here :>) Oh and a final thought, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you waiting for any of newtwo's moronic predictions to come true....what was that one he keeps repeating about every 4 to 6 months? Something about the 38's or 42's or something? LOLROTF. Oh well you've still got one idiot and one dope (p1sorry & newtwo), who are BOTH morons, to entertain you folks while MYGN moves in snail like fashion within its trading range. Of course you could all put your shares in a safe as P1sorry recommends (now that's an intelligent approach)'re right moosedoggger, he IS a natural comedian. Lastly, don't bother with any witty repartee to my post, I'm really not interested.....Ta, Ta.

    • rich moron to you bob.

    • Hi Dr Bob

      I like your posts. I bet you are cute. I don't think MYGN is "dead money". I bought at 19 the first time, sold at 24, rebought at 15 and I am now holding my own - so to speak. I really don't think I'll do anything now but hold until Phase 3 is over for the AZ drug.

      Love and Kisses

    • >> I bought at 19 the first time, sold at 24, rebought at 15 and I am now holding my own - so to speak.<<

      Hi muffy,

      I love you too. Oh and all your magnificant trades never did alter the trading range I've already spoken about for almost 2 what's your point?

      Do you have some sort of learning disability? Or are you so retarded that you don't understand the concept of a trading range?

      Muffy sweetie, based upon your idiotic response, it's easy to see that you both fit in here and belong among the mental heavy weights such as BOTH seem to have a comparable intellect!! :>)


    • >>Hi muffy,
      I love you too.<<

      where exactly in her post did she say that she loved you?

      Man, you are twisted.

    • Well, Dr Bob, I thought I was being nice. Why can't you be nice to Muffy too, My point, which you requested, is that one can make a few bucks on the ups and downs while we wait for either a buyout or a drug homerun. One doesn't just buy and hold. One watches the news reports and trades. My philosophy is buy low, sell high, as often as I can. Got it, you Bozo.


    • You are right. I didn't say I loved that Doctor Bob dope. All I wrote was "Love and kisses', as a closing. I say that to everyone who is nice to me. I am not saying that to him any more. I will say it to you.

      Love and kisses,

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