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  • crelboyne crelboyne Feb 23, 2010 7:31 PM Flag

    Invisible hand

    Twenty days ago MYGN smashes Wall Street estimates and the stock is DOWN approx. 8% since.

    Today Toyota Motor Corp. evades Congressional questions about deadly recalls while MYGN quietly goes about saving lives and ... MYGN drops about the same amount as TM (MYGN = -1.65%, TM = -1.89%).

    Can anyone explain why the "invisible hand" is giving MYGN and its investors the finger?!

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    • Agreed, If you ask umbilicologist, he would not have an idea what it BRCA. But he should not be the ordering physician, if use commonsense, most of the time you would be able to find anwser in your own question. Average Doctor/Physcian, that comment still drives me nuts, like there is one doctor for each person in this world, like there are trilion and trilions of doctor around and can get degree on line with in one year. Jez

    • Easy to answer... TM will make money in any case. MYGN....???? No patent rights, no money. Chance is very low, but it is. Patience, patience and again patience.

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      • Ummm guys, If you look at the published mutations for BRCA1 & BRCA2 you will see that there are several with high penetrance (ie the mutations cause cancer at a high rate). But...what if you don't have one of those mutations that are in the public domain? What is the pentrance level for this lower frequency mutation? What would you do if a non MYGN test tells you, yes you have a mutant BRCA1 gene, unfortunately, we have no idea whether this mutation is predisposing to breast cancer? MYGN has YEARS of experience and likely has thousands of patients in their database with correlations to patient cancer outcome. I would imagine that only they can correlate lower frequency mutations with cancer outcome.

        If you were a patient (or a doctor who may have some liability for erroneous outcomes), would you go with a company who has been doing this test successfully for years? Or would you prefer the new cheaper version of the test, a test whose outcome may determine whether you are a candidate for mastectomy? Now if you are of Ashkenazi descent, you may want to go with the cheaper version, but otherwise I can tell you that I would rather pay a higher premium to a company that has the most Intellectual Property in this scientific area....

        No patent...who cares? Not relevant....


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