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  • ericsplace84 ericsplace84 Nov 28, 2011 1:50 PM Flag

    PensivePat was right.

    Insider buying was meaningless. The management seems to be a complete joke and the website is amateurish. What's with the big nosed geek featured on the main page. Is he an employee or a terrorist....strange looking man he is. Webpage hasn't changed for a year now so that indicates they don't care anymore. I tried to be upbeat about this stock but can't do it anymore. Sold today for a 25 percent loss. I see .33 cents in the future and probably bankruptcy as competition is coming on line.

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    • Like I said listen to this yourself. I personally would be using the strategy of buying High Yielders and using Dividend money to purchase these POS - up and coming - specualtive plays.

      Some vocabulary they used in the CC.

      "overall the sales of UPS system have gone up..."

      Dilip's question seemed to trigger alot of information of what is ahead for this company.

      They have a revolving credit which will cover them for the next 12 mos. from the horses mouth.

      "Price is not the issue... not addressing the oppurtunities out is still there....weeded out non performing personell....longterm out looks good...looking to hire new resources for next year"

      Didn't the corporations just start their buying cycle! I guess you can wait till Feb. and buy on the news.

    • Recently read the "Lords of Finance". Europeans will do anything to keep out of another war. Unless, of course, Germany decides to occupy a part of Italy and Greece - just until the debt is paid off! On a side note, are there my military applications here? Surely war requires UPSs?!!!

    • Really.

      Are you guys pulling string on here? lol

      Ugghhhh...I have resisited all this time.

      I am starting my intial buys tomm. @$0.66 and then at $0.52 and $0.32. If I can be so lucky.

      Listen to the CC yourself. I had to listen to it again after I read this thread to shake off all this negativity. Holy Jeez!!

      If the Euro crashes buy some SPXU and TVIX or find a vehicle to profit from.

      Don't blame Europe blame the people who have been running this country for over 200 years..The Republicans, Demcorats, Career Poloticans and Lobbyist! Yourself for voting for those POS always.

      For the record the RSI is pointing as a buy on the dail, weekly and monthly. The Schotastics are saying buy as well. The Insiders and Kinderboys are saying buy.

      The Intradaydoesn't look great...

      I bet GE Fincancial is buying as well. :)

    • 1. Insider buying is never meaningless. These guys put up their own funds.
      2. Be wary of rally glitzy websites for they are meant to deceive. I'm sure the ACPW site will be updated as time and funds allow.
      Personally, I see a small recovery in 2012. The market is still slated to be over a billion.

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      • The biggest problem that I see is quite simple......staying power !!!
        They don't have it and will sooner rather than later have to raise capital. This is when it will get interesting. Will it be easy, which will be a good sign or will it be hard which will be bad. The terms will tell all. At present there is a rather favorable list of investors who believe in their future to some extent. From now through December I think the stock price will remain pretty much status quo then we hope it will jump into high gear and move back into the dollar range. If it doesn't then delisting will be imminent and the pinkies ain't good !

    • ACPW and >>> amateurish >>>
      Do you mean as in:

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      • Not for hit the nail on the head there bud.
        They could at least hire a few good looking models..Asian, White, and Black to be on there website posing as tech geeks. As for the seven languages...who really cares ?? English is obviously the universal language..... almost all business leaders around the world speak it. And competition is already here as the lithium-ion battery makers look for any business they can get. What happens when the flywheels stop spinning and the powergrid is still down....battery backup of course. I'm a bit bitter cuz I lost 25 percent on my investment but these are all valid points.

    • <website is amateurish.> Seven languages aren't enough?

    • When you say "competition is coming on line" please be specific, otherwise it is just blather. Very odd trading today.

    • Those are harsh words and you be right but i just made a trade and now have 10,000 shares but will be quick to duck if the sh--starts to hit the fan. We are running into a lot of tax-loss selling today but my guess is the rally will be strong at the close and will add to the plus side tomorrow. If I can't make a quick buck under those circumstances I will hang it up.

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