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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 30, 2011 1:46 AM Flag

    PensivePat was right.


    Are you guys pulling string on here? lol

    Ugghhhh...I have resisited all this time.

    I am starting my intial buys tomm. @$0.66 and then at $0.52 and $0.32. If I can be so lucky.

    Listen to the CC yourself. I had to listen to it again after I read this thread to shake off all this negativity. Holy Jeez!!

    If the Euro crashes buy some SPXU and TVIX or find a vehicle to profit from.

    Don't blame Europe blame the people who have been running this country for over 200 years..The Republicans, Demcorats, Career Poloticans and Lobbyist! Yourself for voting for those POS always.

    For the record the RSI is pointing as a buy on the dail, weekly and monthly. The Schotastics are saying buy as well. The Insiders and Kinderboys are saying buy.

    The Intradaydoesn't look great...

    I bet GE Fincancial is buying as well. :)

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