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  • pensivepop pensivepop Nov 13, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    I AM Still Learning--

    I came so close today to re-entering this stock but as luck would have it I was called away so still have no position. Seeing all that early action with large Bids sitting at 62, 63 and 64 cents is so tempting and yet each day the volume comes in towards the tailend and takes out all those bids and then some. My goodness, KinderHook has an average price of most of it;s purchases at 68 cents and I don't see where they have sold a single share. How many days do we get between the day of a transaction of theirs and reporting it to the SEC. I am going to check that every day because if they start selling I won't even consider getting back in. This darn stock is a headscratcher to me and perhaps most of us.

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    • Aren't we all? I don't think Kinder would make small trades, therefore not enough volume for them to be in play. A while back there was a discussion of them having registered their shares. They may be waiting for some new capital transaction in which they could participate? This stock could move suddenly either way, so you just have to decide if you want to take your chances.

    • what is the head scratching all about?

      In economics simple questons such as the following are used to paint a picture of the status of a company or hobby.

      a. do they make profit?
      b. do they have a calendar date to break even, forget profit?
      c. do they print shares?
      d. what is management's track history? (decades)

      notthing to ponder about, it is a self serving BOD and a penny stock.

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