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  • tswenor7 tswenor7 Nov 20, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

    More insider buys

    I know I state these r token buys alot but its better than nothing. Almgren bought another 20000 and Greenberg 8000. Now that is 4000 and 1620 after the split. Why bother? Almgren does own close to a quarter million shares now and greenberg less than 100 thousand ( presplit). Maybe there will be some more trickle out in the coming days. Thats 50,000 shares for Almgren in the past couple weeks.($30,000 in cash)

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    • Thanks for highlighting this. The only indicator we have right now. The new product wasn't so "disruptive" to the stock price, was it? I hope they know something we don't.

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      • stock is being controlled at this time. notice insider buying and the upcoming split, see my earlier post to the reason this action maybe taking place. again I say do not look for a immediate rise but with the insider buying the next 12 to 16 months I see stock making a run up. these people do NOT spend one red cent of their money unless they know they will be rewarded in the future. and I see most are not responding to that filthy mouth individual and I applaude all for that! Keep it up and eventually he will crawl back under the rock he came from. most people like him stay for awhile and when the stock turns they go and corrupt another board, have seen that so many times over the years. it is called muddying up the water!

      • What did they tell you during the last 2 CC? Heck lets just make it 5 CC? ACPW investors are like all battered wives who makes excuses for them catching beatings.

        Your too dumb to leave. :) ROFLMAO

        Your like the PIMCO blind bulls.

        Still waiting for that CC on the hobby huh?

        Sell into strength.

      • why do u say this. Ithought we would not get indication of this till second quarter 13. It is currently available for purchase? Gamb, tell me in your opinion if the extra 11 million shares r for another secondary sometime next year? if moving forward we r breakeven to small profit would this still be in the cards?

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