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  • cde_biscuit cde_biscuit Nov 8, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    I bought the exact recent bottom at 21.50

    Take a look at the steady ramp up since then. It looks like we are in one of those big uplegs that refuses to stop,the ones that you wait for a pullback that never comes and you regret not buying. Remember those? They happen every few years.

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    • I did too. I bought in at 21.5 and am holding. Some resistance at 24 but otherwise that, i'm holding for as long as I can.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • When i saw that pre election drop I had to buy more...nothing has changed in the world to make Gold or Silver as a safe haven go down...other than a computers program fact..I think things are getting worse...if Germany does start to bring their gold back home....I think there will be problems ...and I also think other countries will follow suit....
        The EU is either going to fail or print trillions of new Euros
        Japan is printing
        China "seems" to be getting better and the outgoing leader has set a goal of doubling the per capita incomes of the me that means more money spent at home...on commodities..and less on US debt....and the people will buy gold as their safe haven

        The rest of the world is watching the Western world and starting to see that maybe they need to protect themselves too....all of this good for the metals...

        My only concern is not my allocation to PM´s...but that my country..the USA will in the future try to confiscate it...and I give that a 50% chance now with the election over

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