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  • holywallst holywallst Dec 22, 2011 7:09 PM Flag

    CPY BK is it here

    If Fidelity's bankruptcy warning would have been false, they would have

    1. Removed it immediately and/or
    2. issued a statement saying we fooocked up big time
    3. CPY mgmt and beautiful Cathy would have issued a PR too saying its all baloney just like my man Newt said yesterday. LOL

    did you see any of the above happening today?? in fact, the bankruptcy sign still there on Fidelity site as i write this.

    you can fantasize that its false, but u need to wake up to reality soon. and think about it this way: does Cathy really want to get calls from every individual? come on really?? she would have issued a PR statement instead.

    your theory is debunked. Better believe Fidelity my friend. I see $0 soon (well eventually when its all BK as Fidelity say...)