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  • holywallst holywallst Dec 29, 2011 4:11 PM Flag

    Dead Cat bounce is over. Lets go south

    Starting tomorrow lets move south again

    the longs got their dead cat bounce. they are happy. We shorts are just playing the waiting game as we know this will race down again. so we are happy to ride this out and be a little more patient

    everybody wins. Now crash this puppy NOW

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    • You should take your profits if your shorting
      this stock. You wont scare institutional holders
      off there posistions. As a matter of fact, I'll
      bet they are getting ready to push it back up
      at shorties expense. All short players must
      eventually buy back the shares they have sold.
      If your not taking profits at this level your a fool IMHO.
      PS I have no shares in this stock. but it looks like a buy
      to me.

      • 2 Replies to limotommy50
      • are you kidding???

        you probably also think that the CEOs of this co. are on your side and that they want you to make money as an investor?? LOL

        you longs are beyond help. If you ask me, when the MMs and CEOs are all lined up against you, determined to crash this stock come rain or shine, then you have no business trying to be a hero buying this junk. there is a thin line between hero & jackass.