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  • holywallst holywallst Jan 4, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    Top 10 reasons mgmt wont reply to you

    Some fool said that CPY management does not reply back to him or anyone. I say to him toughen up cupcake. To cheer you up, here are my imaginary for fun sake Top 10 replies, Letterman-style, Top 10 reasons CPY-management did not reply to my friend kools:

    number 10. Gee we have been busy shorting our own stock

    number 9. We wanted you sucker buyers to buy more at every new low before we declared bk.

    number 8. what kind of fool invests in a portrait studio anyway?

    number 7. so you actually thought we cared about you investors?

    number 6. two words: Fidelity and bankruptcy

    number 5. we thought you would be smart enough to short CPY seeing it fall from $5s to $1s

    number 4. You think this is bad. wait till what we have planned for you on pinks

    number 3. what else did you expect from Wall St. CEOs and MMs?

    number 2. oh i am sorry, did you lose some money on CPY?

    number 1. Thats how we 1% roll baby. how else do we pay for our 450k salaries if we dont take the money from you investors??

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