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  • holywallst holywallst Jan 4, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    holy loses on TIVO

    i see i have a fan now.

    I wont answer everything but let's talk TIVO since that was my latest trade yesterday. I shorted after hours at $10.72 and covered at $10.22 after hours yesterday. The trade was done, profit was locked in

    and today it fell to $9s. Under no scenario do I see how I would have lost on TIVO. I mean if TIVO would have rallied today to say $15, then I can understand your post that "I lost shorting TIVO", even though that wouldnt be true as I covered yesterday AH.

    so enlighten me as to how I lost shorting TIVO at $10.70s yesterday AH. I am very curious. LOL