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  • hrcusa hrcusa Feb 20, 2004 11:55 AM Flag


    Wow, looks like another 1,000,000+ share day! Nice block sizes too. Our story is gretting around and many seem to like it.

    It's all good baby!

    Best of Luck,
    - HRC

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    • Texman,
      No I still have some bullets left...quite a story cooking here. Combine a nice pump job by an experienced chophouse and a mother of a short squeeze and you've got what you see here.
      Market cap now more than $100 million for this comapny with 52k in sales. Amazing.

    • Hey hr, what is that story - I mean besides the amazing rise in stock price?

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      • Texman399,
        VAPH's story is a good one.
        - Small company with a great patented technology: transdermal delivery of OTHER company's drugs. (Key words: 'small company' = very low overhead; 'other company's drugs' = some drug with FDA approval gets reformulated with VAPH tech then approved on MUCH faster FDA track.)

        - Leveraged biz model. VAPH has a business model that is more similar to a software company than a drug company. VAPH has done joint venture with the other side doing most of the work. We get what amounts to a royalty or licence fee per OTC product sold. VAPH can do as many of these deals as they want and still keep the company small.

        - Tight lips. Yesterday's price movement did NOT display last nights news of the split. Those at VAPH are keeping their collective traps shut which is REALLY good for the small investor.

        - No hype. How cool is this? So far the company has not hyped small investors to get where were at. How many stocks have we all been on where it's one PR after another of half truths and marketing crapola? In fact VAPH is almost the opposite, they've told us very little. (My GUESS is they probably have more to tell us in the form of PR but there is no need to at the moment. Just a GUESS.)

        - Succesfull management team. Getting an IPO off 3 months ago was tough. Many companies failed and are still private. Getting one off and having a substantial price rise speaks to the obvious skills of our team. My read into that: don't underestimate these guys. Also, check out Dr. Carter. Nice resume Doc!

        There's other stuff but there ya go... some rambling stuff from me.

        Texman, you seem as though you prefer shorting stocks but on this one you may want to investigate playing the other side.

        Best of Luck,
        - HRC

      • Currently has four products on the oc market.

        Vaso Active is focused on the development, commercialization, and marketing of OTC products using the PENtoCORE� drug delivery system. Vaso Active holds exclusive, worldwide licenses to the OTC applications of the PENtoCORE� technology. PENtoCORE� effectively transfers, through the skin, a myriad of drugs that could not otherwise be delivered using other transdermal delivery technologies.

        Vaso Active is currently marketing TERMIN8�, Athlete�s Relief, and Osteon, which together target a $1 billion-plus market. The Company is developing a broader range of product candidates that collectively target a $7.7 billion market. Vaso Active is looking to further expand the PENtoCORE� technology to virtually all existing drugs on the OTC market.