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Vaso Active Pharmaceutica (VAPH) Message Board

  • dangllc dangllc Feb 20, 2004 8:36 PM Flag

    Balance sheet??? 150k.

    They will do a stock offering soon.

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    • " The company's goal is to earn a dollar a share"????? What???
      They can give themselves a "goal" of anything they want, its all meaningless. And already you're giving them a forward PE! :)
      Based on their stellar earnings in '03 I think there "goal" for '04 is in trouble. Where do you get this stuff?

    • Nice post Baron!!!

    • What the 2 doctors are telling me is that the previous technologies are not nearly as effective because they only penetrate 2 of the 3 layers of skin; they do not make it into the capillaries. Vasoactive adds vaso-dilators which allows the medicine being transported to be delivered into the blood stream at the target area.

      I think you are the one who should do your homework. Especially if you are short on this stock.

      The Baron

    • Baron you should go to a search engine and type in "transdermal technology". After seeing the approximately 4 zillion other companies who have this "revolutionary" technology you might think differently.
      Just a suggestion, not trying to be sarcastic. The point is that the technology is very old and very common ( goes back to the 60's).

    • That technology only works for a few chemicals (nicotine being one of them) and requires you to walk around for days wearing a patch.

      This technology is different, and allows you to rub on a cream, and can be combined with the "entire pharmocopia". Listen to the interview with John J. Masiz at wallstreetreporter.

      The Baron

    • Your post made me life because you are so right with everything you said. The technology has been around for years and years and countless companies have it in some shape or form. Company is a total joke a nd manipulated by fraudsters. However, they have done a great job running the stock, and then creating a short squeeze. The is absolutely no doubt the stock will be under a dollar or gone eventually (like the rest of Kashner's IPOs), but the problem is how far these crooks can run it first.

    • TEA,

      >>>>Biochemics Inc has been developing and marketing the product for almost fifteen years. They have only managed to do $50,000 in annual sales and have lost millions of dollars.<<<<

      And now they have something that works, that kick ass works!!! Large pharma companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to develop the same functionality, and failed. VAPH has patent protection and has a formidable barrier to entry for competitors.

      >>>>Their past marketing efforts appear to be a disaster.<<<

      That is why they got a new PR firm on Feb. 9th:

      Get a load of this too:


      >>>>They then created VAPH and gave it a marketing license. The patents and manufacturing remain with the parent company not VAPH. This public entity only has a right to market the products (ones that have not had marketing success in the past).<<<<

      They have an EXCLUSIVE license. And they also just got on board Steven Seifert, who managed 4,000 people at Beckins and Dickenson, a major manufacturer of hospital and medical supplies. He probably knows something about marketing products in this industry.

      >>>>They got an underwriter with a very scary IPO record and past SEC problems to bring VAPH public. They are paying the underwriter a monthly fee as a "consultant."<<<<

      The market for IPO's has been essentially closed for 2 years. Probably none of the big name investment bankers wanted to do a deal with them, so they made do with what they had.

      >>>>VAPH only has about 6 or 7 employees<<<

      True, but they don't need a lot right now.

      >>>>and its senior management are only devoting part of their time to VAPH.<<<<

      An exaggeration, don't you think?

      >>>>The company has a book value of about a dollar a share and revenues of about two cents a share.<<<

      Book value doesn't matter here. The value is in the intellectual property.

      >>>>There are no earnings or prospects of earnings.<<<<

      What?!? The company's goal is to earn $1/share this year just for starters.

      >>>>Yet the stock sells for $35 per share or over $100 million. This is the most ridiculous valuation I have seen even in a bubble market.<<<<

      Actually a forwad P/E of 35 on $1/share in earnings is reasonable for a high-growth company like this one, which has such a large addressable market.

      >>>>Using these metrics HLSH should be trading over $1000 per share.<<<<

      HLSH is a completely different kind of company, and I am surprised you would even make a comparison like this.

      The Baron

    • Yes, I know the word transdermal technology. It is used in the Nicoderm patch and is the process of tranferring chemical compounds through the skin barrier. Having worked at GlaxoSmithKline, this is not really revolutionary. The technology is very old.

      I wonder what these 7 employees are thinking watching their shares soar? I am betting that they are laughing their heads off right now thinking what the hell they just did.

    • do u know the word Transdermal Technology.
      This stock will open 37-45.see me on monday!

    • what are you smoking to night?
      Let me have some!

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