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  • lonestar1402002 lonestar1402002 Feb 22, 2004 6:47 PM Flag

    Super Low float either way & no options

    What is the date you must be holding this stock to get the split? TIA

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    • when a $60.00 dollar stock splits 3 for 1 it is now a $20.00 dollar stock!

      So why care about getting the Split???

      Some people should not be trading stocks.

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      • From Barron's

        ....... But wait, the company has a new athlete's foot treatment called Termin8, that -- according to Vaso Active's Website -- comes recommended by Salomon Daniel Monteiro, holder of the world record for juggling a soccer ball on his feet.

        It's also recommended, according to the Website, by the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. I couldn't reach Vaso Medical when I called them on Friday, but I did reach the president of the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. "We don't know anything about this product," said Dr. David Z. Ascher, "and we have never endorsed a product in our life."

    • The pay date, which is the last day the stock trades at the higher, pre-split price, would be the last day that you can purchase the stock and get credit for the split. Do not pay any attention whatsoever to the record date; sometimes you can get a small dividend if you own the stock on the record date, that is the only possible benefit. Trust me, I have bought literally hundreds of stocks heading into the split, it is very easy, don't complicate things with the record date. In this case, the pay date as stated in VAPH's 3 correct press releases (Reuters confused alot of people by incorrectly reporting that the stock would split tomorrow morning, which is NOT TRUE!) is going to be on or about March 5, which is a Friday. So in this case the last day to buy the stock and get the extra shares would be Friday, March 5. Monday morning your brokerage house will show that you own 2 extra shares for every share you purchase on Friday, and the price of the stock will probably be slightly more than 1/3 of the closing price on Friday (splitters, especially 3 for 1's, usually gap up the morning of the split, sometimes significantly; look at TASR, SIFY, AMTD, etc.). If you buy 100 shares of VAPH at $60 per share on Friday afternoon, March 5(don't think it can't get there), you would own 300 shares Monday morning, March 8, at a cost basis of about $20 per share (if you're unlucky, I bet it gaps up the morning of the split!). My advice is to buy the stock either now or before the split run, which should begin this Friday, Feb. 27.

      Good luck to you.