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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 23, 2004 2:00 PM Flag


    well, for one thing there's the foot doctor issue. Tehn there's the press release regarding the split and the "instituional interest." Call the company and ask about that. Basically, I am saying I don't believe it (i.e. lie).
    And finally the Kashner underwriter/market maker thing. Do you have NAS level 2?? If so you'll see Kash is in there hard.

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    • Zarmen3333,
      Dude, that's very thin:
      1) The foot doctor's SIGNED recommendation is now posted on the VAPH website.
      2) John Masiz was in Vegas 10 days ago pitching to a bunch of investment bankers. Is it a stretch to assume that some of the IB's liked the pitch? I'm guessing based on the move we got that Thurs and Fri that some of the IB's liked it. We also had a first hand account from a poster some 600 posts ago that also confirmed Masiz's good presentation. Is VAPH required to PR more than that? I dunno, I'm asking.
      3) I don't have level 2. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kashner is "in there hard". For sake of arguement let's say Kashner is playing games even. So what? What else is new? How does that mean anything regarding VAPH or VAPH management. (Just for fun, replace "Kashner" with "JP Morgan" and replace "VAPH" with "BUD". Would JPM's games mean anything about BUD? Of course not.

      So that's supposed to bring the SEC? On other stocks I've seen straight out thievery caught red-handed that hasn't brought the SEC, the FBI, or even the PTA. We did have one representative of the Gay and Lesbian Republicans once, but that was for something entirely different.

      The SEC isn't coming because they have no reason to.

      Best of Luck,
      - HRC

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      • In addition to the money that Kashner has made underwriting the IPO, they are also getting a monthly payment from VAPH for "consulting services" That could very well put the company on the hook if Kashner manipulates the stock.
        Will the SEC become involved in this situation?
        Its hard to say at this time. The rapid rise of the stock and huge volume (trading multiples of the float daily) will raise red flags. Whether they open an investigation will depend on a lot of factors. The main one would be if there were misleading press releases or false statements on the web site. Another important one would be if there are manipulated trades.
        The amount of money that has traded here and the potential for losses is large enough for the SEC to become involved if there were misdeeds in the above areas.

    • zarman, you have yahoo messenger?