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  • hrcusa hrcusa Feb 24, 2004 12:30 PM Flag

    The Ghost of MED!

    It appears as though I will be haunted the rest of my days by the ghosts of MED. MED was the worst possible stock story... greed, corruption, lawsuits, counter-suits, the Bahamas, Duck Pusss,... let's just say it was ugly. So ugly in fact that I lost about $500,000 in 3 years on MED. To this day none of the characters that swindled $100's of millions (include my 500k) are in jail, they've never been fined, never sanctioned, never had their pee-pee's slapped. It's not right and in fact it's everything that is wrong with our market.

    No one, and I mean no one knows more about the corrupted MED story than me. I can talk for days on the subject of MED and the evil empire of NCFE. At one time I thought of writing a book... the story is compelling. But all of that would be boring here.

    What isn't boring is: what does the MED fiasco have to do with VAPH? There is only one connection that I know of - the brothers Magliochetti. There are two brothers, Michael J. Magliochetti who is the CEO of Ortho Rehab, and Frank Magliochetti the CEO of MED Deversified.

    When I saw the PR on VAPH going with Ortho to do some distribution my early warning system radar went active. I did some checking. To the best of my ability here's what I found:

    1) Frank Magliochetti is not an investor with VAPH. He has nothing to do with it. I called VAPH and told them my concerns if he were.

    2) Michael Mag is the CEO of Ortho Rehab. Ortho is an arms length distributor. Separate company. They buy product from VAPH and send us money. That's it.

    3) Frank and Michael are brothers but that doesn't mean they are the same. Just cuz I stick pins in my Cawrnhole-e-o voodoo doll doesn't mean my brother Mark does the same.

    The other connection is that all of these companies are in the Boston area.

    As far as the comment that lots of MED investors jumped ship and are now on VAPH... it's untrue. I know almost every hardcore MED-head (we shared a train wreck together) and I have seen none of them here. Jerry Garcia stopped by to say hi about 900 posts ago. He was a MED-head, unfortunately he didn't invest in VAPH, he might have made some money back.

    It pisses me off that I have to be the one explaining f-ing MED to the VAPH board. I lost half of a beach house on MED and still it reaches from the grave to taunt me. Thanks Mu-mo and Ducky Pussss, really appreciate that one.

    You wanna draw different conclusions than I do about the above story? Go right ahead I don't care. Wanna dig deeper? Fine, I understand. Start with me, I have done TONS of investigative work on MED and NCFE. I have talked with the investigative side of the SEC several times (I called them). If you care, I will be happy to share. Jonny Cochran would be proud of that one!

    Because of my MED experience I have become very wary of the stock market. Before I invested in VAPH I talked with several people at VAPH including John Masiz. My impression is they are straight arrows. In fact, they seem about as opposite from the MED guys as you can get. Draw your own conclussions but I think it's unfair to paint them with a MED brush.

    Best of Luck,
    - HRC

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    • No he is actually very bright; its just the stories from Kashner Davidson were always exciting and had elements of great plausibility pumped full of important stuff and deals always on the cum - if you know what I mean.

      And, actually he's got his money back by playing the short side at the right time on their stuff which is now - on this one.

      So, have fun - that's my motto and follow the money

    • Don't bank on zero until more is known about the technology - probably 30 to 90 days after they develop a plan to deal with the bad press WHICH THEY WILL - so be careful.

      But you can bank on much lower prices from here with excellent money-making oppotunities as you cover on the upcoming crashes and reshort on the Kashner pumps.

      Actually this is a real money making opportunity -0- I really mean it, and it wouldn't be there without the longs -God Bless Them.

      But be careful - betting on zero may get YOU wiped out.

      PLAY it on the slide like a big trombone.

    • That is so true. These guys are here for their own agends--but then again we are as well. They are pros at what they do, dishing dirt. We need a voice of reason here. Godd news, bad news lets be objective. Any time anything good happens to anyone (ie VAPH ran up) those who weren't apart of it must cast stones. They are simply jealous. Heck I wish that I rode it up to. Heck I am jealous! Back off the smear campaign supporters and non supporters alike! Can;t we all be friends!

    • HRC, right on, with all these guys shouting scam, fraud, etc., one would wonder why they didn't depart days ago? I think they all have agendas that they aren't talking about . . but they sure are loud mouths with their B.S. rhetoric . . . .

    • Bigpappabear999,
      You wrote: <"thats why I don't short super thin float stocks like VAPH even though I strongly feel it is a total scam.">

      So if you're not short and I assume you're not long "the total scam" then

      why are you here?

      You say you smell something fishy? I think it may very well be you Pappa.

      Tell us about your agenda.

      - HRC

    • Your friend was incredibly stupid if he put money into these penny stocks by a boiler room. Can't say I feel sorry for him, there's one born every minute. Look at the bright side. At least now he doesn't have that pesky money to worry about investing.

    • Thanks for the info Hotdog. I've done a lot of research on Kashner lately, which in part led me to my short position. Going back 6 years and looking and all their IPOS, they are all, and I mean all dogs. People were saying here that suddenly that had all changed and Kashner had found the golden goose with VAPH...not!
      It's amazing that they are still in business. I have heard back from the SEC and NAS, both thanking me for info, but not commenting on possible investigations. Texman feels its too small a fish to fry for them, but after all these years and all these scams you'd think they'd step in.
      I honestly think all, or most, of the longs here that have been posting for a while are plants. I just can't, for the life of me, think how anyone would actually go long thid company other than for a momentum trade.
      So are you going to join us for the ride down??It probably will end up at zero or close.

    • Good point. Kashner is market maker and is privy to the short interest vol. I suspect there will be an attempt to squeeze the shorts at a certain point, thats why I don't short super thin float stocks like VAPH even though I strongly feel it is a total scam.

    • Rcusa:

      Nobody is begruging you for protecting your position.

      But this connection to Orthorehab is very strange, you have to admit.

      Orthorehab. Frank, NOT Michael, Magliochetti is where it leads. See below. Was Orthorehab ever a part of the company MED you are complaining about? Did Orthorehab ever share office in Boston with the MED company? Did the company MED receive any money when it gave away Orthorehab? Did you lose the money in MED because co's like Orthorehab were taken from MED? Does VAPH have any risk associated with this Orthorehab? In your investigation you talked about, have you learned anything about Orthorehab? How can it be that Orthorehab now turns up as the distributor for VAPH and you turn up as having lost $500,000 in MED but you are now making money in VAPH? It could all be innocent, for sure. But you seem to be trying to lead us to believe that Orthorehab has nothing to do with Frank Magliochetti or MED, and that appears ridiculous. If that is not what you are saying, accept all apologies. If that is what you are saying, why are you saying it?

      Name: ORTHOREHAB, INC.
      Corporate ID Number: 000751474
      Filing State: MA
      FEIN (Tax ID): 000751474
      Date of Incorporation: 04-30-2001

      Address Type: REG. AGENT ADDRESS
      Address: 650 SUFFOLK ST
      STE 100 LOWELL, MA 01854

      Officer Name: FRANK P. MAGLIOCHETTI, JR.
      Address: 650 SUFFOLK ST STE 100
      LOWELL MA 0185 85

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      • Arrebots,
        Regarding Ortho, there were two stories that swirlled briefly while I was active in investigating MED's fall.

        One story was that Ortho was owned by Chartwell, a Frank Mag company. Chartwell later merged with MED and Frank became CEO. Some debate that Ortho numbers were shown as part of the merger financials to show a higher valuation. Frank deny's that was ever done. In any event, under this version of the story, Ortho was never part of MED. I never found any proof to support or deny the above.

        The second story was that Ortho was and is completely separate from Chartwell, MED and NCFE and owned by Michael Mag. Part of this story indicates that Ortho accepted a $4M loan from NCFE. Again, I never proved or disproved any of that.

        Both simply message board stories that went around briefly. Ortho was a speck on a bump on a pimple on Lance Poulson's (NCFE CEO) ass. As such it never warranted much attention from the MED-heads as we had much bigger icebergs threatening the ship of MED.

        But, again, it doesn't mean that much to me as Ortho is simply a distributor this time around.

        Best of Luck,
        - HRC

      • I have to agree HRC. You can't believe that Frank is not involved in Orthorehab and in turn VAPH. Too coincidental, too smelly. Just more evidence it seems.
        Hate to bring this up as well, but lots of Italians popping up here, no?? (by the way, no offense to Italians in general, but you get my meaning. I can say it cuz I am half Italian)

      • WRONG, it appears the poster is saying this co and its partners and its underwriters are a barrel of bad apples. Simply pointing out many suspicious connections by shady people.......The question is why he would dump such cash (500 k I think he said ) into such a pennystock biotech to begin with. I don't see many investors with that kind of means putting it into fluff like MED. Thats whats bizaare.

    • HRC, very sorry to hear about your experience.
      No matter what your research has dug up here, you can't help but be concerned about that connection can you?? Scary stuff.

      • 1 Reply to zarman3333
      • Zarman3333,
        Thanks, some day maybe I'll tell you the whole story over a beer. It was an ugly train wreck but I couldn't turn away. Character flaw.

        There was a lot of carnage on MED. We also had our share of gallows humor and I ended up meeting some other investors that have since become friends.

        It was scary and you should do all you can to make sure it doesn't happen again. A good start might be to email VAPH ( and ask them what they think about all this. Ask them point blank if there is any connection. Lemme know what they say.

        I'm satisfied that there is no connection worth my concern. But that's just me.

        Best of Luck,
        - HRC

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