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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 24, 2004 1:54 PM Flag

    The Ghost of MED!

    EA, I understand your concern, as last friday was both painful and shocking. Both myself and texman were on the couch for the weekend.
    It will be extremely difficult to spike it again with this volume. Not enough suckers to sell their stock to. that is why I posted earlier that we may see another press release from VAPH to try and drive volume up again. Whatever it is it should be comical (maybe a new study on the coming athlete's foot plague).
    In any event, I think we all know where this stock is headed intermediate to long term. It's just the short term moves we can't predict.
    Texman alluded to the fact that, as a short, we need to keep capital on hand to weather the spikes if they come, as well as to load up if the spike should come. I am very skeptical that another will come. I think you may be missing the move down to single digits and eventually pennies, but I understand your position. Good luck.
    As well, it is very interesting to see the posting dry up on this board. Many traders may have moved on.

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    • Here are two more:
      USOL also the old symbol(now delisted) - Kashner pushed this one from $2.00 to $15.00 in 2000 - 2001. Within six or seven months it was under $0.20 then delisted itself and is now $0.00004 on the pink sheets.

      These are all gone now like dried s--t in the Sahara, but their records are all there for anyone to review,

      My friend is going back to look these up he can't remember them all except that they all had the same record.

      He bought them because the broker was an old school chum, and he never saw the light until HE was wiped out.

      Premimium Cigars - $5.00 (IPO) to $8.00 to -0-, Nadda, Zippo, bankrupt in only nine or ten months

      There's plenty more.

      Yes, I've been watching for the spike - Kashner's M.O. and now I'm in short and smiling this is going to be a piece of cake, but everyone should expect big bounces, but BIGGER drops.

      Have fun one and all.

      No agenda just following the money.

    • Hey Zarman
      You're actually in great shape here.
      I had a friend who dealt with this Kashner Davidson crowd. And their list of losers was endless.

      Color Chromatics: Kasner ran that one from $2.50 to $17.00 sometimes in '96'98 and then was written up in Barron's as a scam pushed by Kashner's old partner (A Mr. Davidson). In fact Barrons wrote it up again around $5 -$7 a three or four months later and then in six to nine monts it was gone - zippo - bankrupt - and over $10,000 of my friends money with it.

      Lasersight - another Kashner beauty also gone bankrupt. It had the symbol of LASE. and I think it was written up in some paper in the Northeast as a scam which it was. I think in boston or New York, forgot where. That one also went zippo with over $20,000 of my friends money..
      There was a whole bunch of these things. I'll get a hold of him and get the rest for you. All went to zero and are a matter of public record. So hang in there and go look up the Barron's article on Color Chromatics. Abelson and company hit those suckers right on the head and they are probably right again at least about the Kashner crowd.