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  • bigpappabear999 bigpappabear999 Feb 25, 2004 12:45 AM Flag

    What the H*ll was that all about

    the posts are getting stranger than this co's activities. I guess looney tune co's attract looney tune characters.

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    • You, sir, are correct; I've gotten lucky with maybe 2 dividend payments in my life, because I could care less about dividends, that is not why I buy stocks, I look for big returns. You don't know crap about the effect stock splits have, or the difference between a 2 for 1 and a 3 for 1 split. Watch and learn, this stock is ready for blastoff. The gap down today was the BOTTOM! Watch and learn,lmnymnmymnmynymn!

    • Really....weird stuff. Texman does this company even know how to file??? In the form 4 they stated that because Anderson bought 1000 shares today that those shares won't split for him, only the share bought yesterday. Are they retarded?? So by that logic, there should be a huge selloff tomorrow because anyone with 1000 share bought today or later will have 1000 share at a third of the price as of next friday. Sounds good to me!