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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 25, 2004 3:20 PM Flag


    Anybody go to the NASD and order this report?? It's nice to see who your dealing with here. Stellar reputation.

    More entertaining info on Kashner. I went to the NASD site and ordered the disciplinary report on Kashner. Received it this morning. What a read!! I encourage all longs and shorts to order it. Longs, you'll be running for the hills.
    The highlights: 19 regulatory infractions and censures by NASD, SEC or individual states. 4 Arbitration decisions. 1 Bond infraction, and 1 civil judgement by the state of Mass,

    Incredible stuff. Details include falsifying reports to the NASD on trades, using unregistered pumpers to sell stock, churning accounts, giving large rips, using false marketing material, even embezzlement!
    Please read. Just the firm I'd choose to take me public if I were a legit company. What a joke.

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    • Zarman3333,
      I would never pretend to defend Kashner. I've never heard of them before this stock. HOWEVER, just for fun pull up a report on JPMorgan. How many infractions would you find there? I know of like 12 just on MED alone. Hell, JPMorgan owns 12% of NCFE. Run that through Google and see what lights up.

      My point: ALL of these guys are crooks and there are no police!

      (I've heard tell of a new sheriff in town names Bigpappabear999 but that is another story.)

      So yes Kashner has dirt on it's record. So what? Who should VAPH have used to bring them public. Show me one of these firms with no infractions. Any old one will do.

      Best of Luck,
      - HRC