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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 25, 2004 6:15 PM Flag


    I can just imagine what the crowd would be like at an event like this. I think it is very likely that the seats are relatively empty, and all VAPH is looking for from their $7500 investment is to be able to send out a press release about a "big" conference they will be presenting at, then receive the obligatory "buy recommendation" from the "unbiased" folks from the conference organizer.
    Actually, if you click that link and scroll down to the bottom, they admit that the whole thing is a joke in the disclaimer, saying basically we aren't unbiased. Who would possibly fall for this crap??

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    • we will go much higher

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      • Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals

        Vaso Active is focused on the development, commercialization, and marketing of OTC products using the PENtoCORE� drug delivery system. Vaso Active holds exclusive, worldwide licenses to the OTC applications of the VALE technology. PENtoCORE� effectively transfers, through the skin, a myriad of drugs that could not otherwise be delivered using other transdermal delivery technologies. Vaso Active is currently marketing TERMIN8�, Athlete�s Relief, and Osteon, which together target a $1 billion-plus market. The Company is developing a broader range of product candidates that collectively target a $7.7 billion market. Vaso Active is looking to further expand the PENtoCORE� technology to virtually all existing drugs on the OTC market

    • <<Who would possibly fall for this crap?? >>

      I understand the low float play. It works out sometime with a good story. There is not even a good story here. If there is, I have not heard it. Looks like lemmings running to the cliff, following the one that got in early. I am sure even the insiders are getting nervous. If the stock runs, they sell into it, and you know they will, it will make Marth's case look like Sunday School. This is of course MHO.