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  • herringto herringto Feb 26, 2004 12:19 PM Flag

    Short Report is out

    Makes all that chest pounding about short burning seem kind of silly now. I covered and went long then out. Waiting for the next move, up will short again, down will watch.

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    • Herringto,
      Good plays. Glad you're making some dough. Why all the short fanfare I wonder? Something is weird about all of this short loud mouth business.
      Best of Luck,
      - HRC

      • 2 Replies to hrcusa
      • I got sucked into HVSF Transdermal ED drug years ago, also TD drugs for the worst kind of illiness. good patents, agreements with university research labs Doctors on the board, Phase 2 approval, and a 200 dollar PRN newswire releases properly timed. Sucked 40m out of the market and went out the back door. It laid down for a while, new name new symbol, and a new group took it over and did it again. Gone but not forgotten. I have seen a duck, and heard him quack. I can not tell when a stock is going up a bunch of points, but when it does, 15 min research usually tells you all you need to know. Even the best companys give back most of their short term gains. With this one, it looks like the longs have been doing it to themselves, the up and downs of the last 2 months. This stock will find its price around the people envolved. Until then, Happy trading.

      • Much ado about nothing hrc. A few small shorts like me around and a LOT of hot air blowing idiots who probably move in and out so quickly that even they can't remember if they are long or short at that moment.

        What the hell kinda short squeeze do you get with even 100K short.