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  • texman399 texman399 Feb 26, 2004 7:19 PM Flag

    7 Employee's

    Time to call it a night but I was wondering about the 7 people (some part-time like the CEO) that make up Vaso:

    (from yahoo)-
    1. John Masiz, 44
    Chairman, Pres, CEO $ 175.00K
    2. Joseph Frattaroli, 41, CFO $ 75.00K
    3. Stephen Carter, 50, CSO, Director

    Then we have:
    4. Matt (IR) (I hope Matt makes $100K)
    -- so 4 right there.

    Wonder what the other 3 do.

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    • Texman399,
      You wrote: <"Wonder what the other 3 do.">

      LOL! Are you saying we now have too many employees? You say it like the other 3 are dead weight or something. Poor Matt, carrying those 3 on his back all the while fending off message board jockeys in the lime light. Tough gig baby.

      Okay, you've convinced me! Let's cut expenses, layoff of 3/7 of the work force. Look how much closer we'll be to breakeven! Revs/ employee ratio just rocketed!

      I like where you're going with this.

      - HRC

    • You forgot Kevin Seifert, COO and newly minted board member. Apparently very experienced in the manufacturing of snake oil......oops, sorry, I forgot to behave Texman.