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  • printedwords1 printedwords1 Mar 8, 2004 6:27 PM Flag

    Nice interview HaHa

    Give Masiz for lying with a straight face. For example..."The one difference between us and McNeil, is they had one product." DUHHH!
    McNeil has list of marketed products that is a mile long...and where did he get..."Tylenol(which was acquired by J&J)" I bet this comes as a surprise to McNeil...

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    • ....but the best part was how he claimed that there is 60% institutional sponsorship for this stock. Anybody (except the longs/pumpers on this board) with even a modicum of investor intelligence knows how absurd that is. On May 15, 2004 Masiz will be screwed (SEC??). Anybody know why??

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      • Let me say that I have no desire to sway anyones opinion. I frankly dont care what you (or anyone else) do concerning this stock.

        I dont pump it to put an extra penny in my pocket, I dont want people to buy it so they will make money, I dont really care.

        Some folks here do PUMP it so more will buy and they make more money.

        By the same token, those who trash it, most likely have an agenda also.

        I think it stinks either way. Print facts as facts and opinions as opinions. At the end of the day, we really dont know.

        Do you have a stake in this stock? Do you have an agenda? DO you make more money if the stock goes down??

        If you have no vested intrest, your credibility my be a bit higher.

        Maybe I'm wrong. Any dog in the fight??

    • Masiz proves his idiocy time and time again, but longs fail to see it, or don't want to see it. I'll bet there are alot of drug company CEOs who sell dog food on the internet on the side....nice credibility.