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  • bigter1 bigter1 Mar 10, 2004 10:17 AM Flag


    is rampant today. Wonder if Goldstein's mother/father/brother/sister/in-laws are all short on this stock just knowing that Basher Goldstein has just conjured up more fictional journalism?

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    • Some kind of payment somewhere, somehow was made I believe. He sounds greedy and untrustworthy. Someone from the board talked to him before VASO issued their statement, and the doc said he was going to sue, and that this was his "lottery ticket". Who knows, but just another very red flag here. it seems as if nothing is on the up and up.

    • I agree, that is his biggest mistake. May 15 is the last day to file for Q1. He might not want to be around for that.

    • You did not address the good doctor. Dont you think he wanted to take a negative shot, but had to tell the truth or get sued. So he found a way.

      Do you really belive that VASO made that donation?

    • Heck ZAR, I think the statements about institutions wanting to get involved is more of an Issue. Come April, if there has been no institutional buying, then I think Masiz may have more probs then the other ,in my opinion, smaller issues

    • You are slowly coming around LOL. I think the NEMC issue is huge. It's a lie, and you cannot lie AT ALL in a prospectus, right?? A lie is a lie, plus it shows a propensity for lying. Why hold a stock with so much shady activity around it?
      And the Dirks thing...well, I think you underestimate that conncetion. Time will tell on that one. Good luck.

    • OK, Couple of points.

      Article says "Ascher said the association was standing behind its endorsement, but he wanted Vaso Active to make a donation to an association scholarship program."

      Sounds like Asher has egg on his face and is trying to save a little face. Endorsed and asked for a donation. THat certainly has more downside effect than just saying that he "stands by his endorsement" Wouldnt he have asked Vaso in private for the donation and publicly endorse the product??

      Wonder if Vaso made any donation. Wouldnt that be the key??

      I re-read and agree with you about the AT NEMC. That is wrong. AND misleading. Is it HUGE? Its not insignificant.

      Dirks. A virtual non issue. Dirk's SEC problems are unrelated to this stock. Hell, Martha might have bought some to.

      So, I'll give you 1 out of 3. Again. Im not saying there are not issues here, but have been slanted

    • What is fictional? What did he fabricate? Everyone keeps saying Golstein wrote lies but can't say what the lies are. Yes if you are long, the truth hurts but it is a lesson learned as well.

    • An article with some positive and some negative just wouldnt be good reading, now would it??

      Gotta lean far one way or the other to get noticed. Isnt that how news typically works.

      I sincerely doubt he is makeing money by writing articles like this. No conspiracy theory here.

      But he damn sure has a hard-on for this stock.