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  • texman399 texman399 Mar 15, 2004 7:03 PM Flag

    12 Days and Counting to 10-K filing

    It's almost countdown time for the 10-K filing for Vaso. Maybe they will be nice and file before the very last day but either way the deadline looms.

    All questions shall be answered shortly (no pun intended).

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    • Hi Texman399! Can they cook 10-K filing.Frankly I donot trust them.

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      • Sarbanes-Oxley will put any CEO/CFO who plays with an SEC filing in a world of hurt. Like I tell my clients, I probably can't stop you from doing it but I'll come visit you in jail if you do because i'm not joining you there.

        So if they have any sense of self preservation they better NOT do that in the 10-K. Sure they have made some questionable statements so far in press releases and even things I consider borderline in their brief history of filing but I think we should let the 10-K speak for itself, I have a feeling it will.

        And for the record: I am of the opinion that it is not the actualy insiders who are manipulating this stock but rather a group that is outside and decided to pick VAPH as the flavor of the week. But what do I know, I just figure it would be suicidical to so flagrantly violate your fiduciary duties and securities laws for an insider to be involved.

    • Hey Texman, you think the company will have the guts to actually file the 10K?? I mean, it's going to be really ugly LOL. Maybe they are all in the Caymans by now counting HRCs and all the other longs money.

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      • Hey Zarmann, yes, we are all soaking up the sunshine, swilling banana rum drinks, and really living the good life . . . and we were (and still are) long . . . but unlike some dummies, we took profits along the ride . . . and our long positions are still worth a bundle considering our after split basis is a little over $ 2 a share . . . yes, its real hard times here . . . and HRC sends his best regards . . .