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  • extex99 extex99 Mar 17, 2004 10:13 AM Flag

    Calm Down, Calm Down

    This is so funny. When the stock dips the shorts beat their collective chests and tell us how smart they are.

    When the Stock jumps, the longs gloat.

    The last laugh will be had when we find out if the Transdermal Technology works.

    As I have said many times, If they have the technology, THIS WILL FLY.

    If they dont, its worth ZERO.

    Time will tell but no one knows for sure yet.

    Im hoping that they do, but TIME WILL TELL

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    • first we know that the the Transdermal "technology" works, its not a revolution or anything. Put in a substance that increase circulation in and it increased the absorption.

      Why other transdermal technologies are important for drug delivery is because they do it over time, at a controlled rate.

      The Pill Patch is worn for a week for example.

      Gasoline is absorbed through the skin too, but its not going to be heralded as revolutionary, is it?

      The technology is old hat, and yes it works, and yes others have it too, WITHOUT paying ANY royalties.

      So stop setting up a False Dilemma, we already know what Vaso has, and their sales reflect that. You do understand the sales number of 70 Thousand for the last 12 months don�t you?

      You are BSing newbies into thinking there is a question on the science, when you know that the value of the science is reflected in the Sales figures.

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      • I am not BSing and here is why. I dont care if you are long or short. I have no agenda.

        I have made my money.

        Let me recommend this. Talk to a Doctor. Yes the technology is there TO AN EXTENT. Look at SONT. They are working on developing a new drug del tech also. WHY if it is already there.

        Not all drugs or substances can get through the skin. Estrogen, yes. Nicotine yes. But, not all the drugs will make it and - As it was explained to me, by a doctor, this could be REVOLUTIONARY.

        But, search my posts, (zar,tex back me up) I am not pushing anything here. I truly believe what I post. AND IT IS ALL JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION.

    • I don't think there is any question as to whether the Transdermal Delivery System works, I know folks who use it and rave about what it's done for them (and Im not talking about the foot fungus deal), so it is really a matter of marketing, financing the deals, advertising and from my prospective, all these deals are in place to happen . . . so we need to just wait for it to happen . . they did say that nothing would ship immediately . . it takes time to get the ads going, get the deals for distribution in place . . . then watch it fly