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  • texman399 texman399 Apr 4, 2004 1:18 PM Flag

    Bigter is still long and a bag holder?


    It is now pretty evident that you are still long but in denial (why post 20times over a weekend on a stock you really have no skin in anymore) and going to be left holding the bag. So come out and admit it so we have the facts straight would you.

    Yes, yes..for all the longs out there we get is evil, the SEC sucks and has nothing better to do, VAPH is the next best thing since sliced cheese (american of course not swiss).

    Short at $10, watched it go to $14, and shorted more at $8...and STILL short with none of it covered yet.

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    • I am not short , I am not long here either, but, if you are naive enough to think this POS is actually going up if and when it finally retrades...then it's easy to see how you bought it in the first place.

    • Take a look at MAMA. Up $1.41 today. Was good news just out on MAMA? -NO. Up $1.41 today, this is after SEC announce probe into MAMA's trading. Too many shorts out on MAMA, So no matter what bad news just came out on MAMA-stock still up $1.41.

    • well trading suspension by the sec are a good reason for every short to gloat or to feel comfortable about their position and we still do not know if vaso starts trading again, if it will the only buyers will be shorts taking profits,
      and bigter the bargain hunter he is

    • Are you forgetting that the reason for VAPH 's rise was mainly not because of their products, but too many shorts that created the short squeeze. Right now many of the shorts are pretty comfortable with their positions.(May prove dangerous) There are not any shares available to shortsell. So the existing miniscule float of longs that sell are all that will carry VAPH'S price down. Eventually shorts will be forced to cover. Read message 6303.

    • I'm not presuming it's anthing but a
      company with poor management and a bad business plan. Anything else is a bonus
      from my perspective.......

    • ""i'm sure others can share more, but certainly none come to mind that went UP after trading resumed after a halt. ""

      one oddball was HRC now HLSH

      halted on NYSE about $3 about a year ago
      went to 4-5 cents on the pinks

      hit 6 bucks in Jan. about $4 now

      not expecting that here. HRC is the largest Physical Therapy/ Rehab chain in the country

      Vaph has less revs than a good adult paper delivery route

      only in america does that deserve a market cap of 100 mil

    • so now we all know the reason for the trading suspension of the sec, they could�nt wait till april and want to get the snake oil a bit earlier than they where supposed to

    • The pink sheets WILL carry anything, that is where all the SEC suspended stocks end up. It is not regulated (I believe) and will most certainly be where VAPH ends up. Centiv (chart is on the last post) is a stock that was recently delisted by NASD (note: not investigated by SEC, simply delisted) and stock went from about $5.30 the day before delisting to under a dollar quick. The pinks usually provide little liquidity (hard to find) and no security. Ugly place to be for a stock. Of course VAPH, if lawyers empty their treasury, then they will trade dwn to pennies fast, except for the occasional short-cverig rally. I will cover now if anyone wants to sell me their shares for 50 cents, otherwise I will be patient and wait for my origial price target...a nickel.

    • Two stocks i was short in the past couple of years that were halted were concentrax and centiv. charts are below. not too difficult to figure out when they were halted.

      stock was 4.35 when halted, now just over a buck.

      concentrax (now
      stock was 1.25 when halted, now 5 cents.

      i'm sure others can share more, but certainly none come to mind that went UP after trading resumed after a halt.

    • Thanks, will do some research on this, if 2 or 3 happen, its all over anyway. if 4 happens, will be years before anything happens and in my opinion the lawyers will take 99.9% of anything obtained in a settlement and if # 1 happens it will have to be because the stock sinks to such a low level that Nasdaq would not list it (if 2 & 3 happen, it doesn't make much difference, as it would be delisted by everyone in the first place)....unless the pink sheets will carry something with the stench of SEC permanent action w/criminal complaints

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